Shiv Shakti (Colors) 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Parvati Learns About Ganga’s Love For Shiv

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 19th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tarakasur says to Diti that Mainavati agreed for Shiv and Parvati’s marriage. Shukracharya tells Tarakasur to get more power to defeat Shiv and Parvati’s child. Diti tells them that marriage did not happen yet. She tells Tarakasur that she can see the future and smirks.

Himavan asks Mainavati that why she is not able to see Parvati’s love. He asks her that how can she try to convince Parvati to marry someone else. He tells her that Parvati’s marriage will happen with Shiv. Mainavati asks him to start the preparation for Shiv and Parvati’s marriage. Ganga and Parvati smiles hearing this.

Himavan wonders that how Mainavati agreed for the marriage. He assumes that asur is in Mainavati’s disguise. He tries to kill Mainavati but she protects herself. He tells her that he tested her. She asks him that why he tested her. He tells her that he wanted to check she is his wife or asur. He tells soldiers to announce Parvati and Shiv’s marriage. Mainavati tells soldiers to start the preparations for Parvati and Shiv’s marriage. People gets happy after learning about Parvati and Shiv’s marriage.

Shukracharya tells Tarakasur that no one will be able to defeat the latter if he gained special power then. Tarakasur challenges Shiv to do war against him before marrying Parvati. He says that Shiv and Adi Shakti can’t defeat him.

Ganga tells Parvati to not get shy in front of her. She asks her to behave like this in front of Shiv. Parvati asks her to not tease her. Ganga tells her that her love and blessings are with her always. She leaves from there because Mainavati called her.

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Parvati wonders that if she is dreaming. She says that it’s hard to believe that her marriage is going to happen with Shiv. Diti comes there. Parvati recalls that how she met Diti. She asks Diti that why the latter came there. Diti tells her that she came to tell her something and she also want to ask her something. Parvati asks her that what the latter want to say. Diti informs her that Ganga also love Shiv. Devas and Goddesses gets shocked hearing this.

Diti asks Parvati that if the latter will marry Shiv by breaking Ganga’s heart. She says that she just came to tell the truth. And says that she is excited to see Parvati’s decision. She asks her that if the latter will take decision as Adi Shakti or Parvati. And asks her that if Parvati will sacrifice Shiv for Ganga. She asks her that whom the latter will choose between Shiv and Ganga. Parvati gets shocked hearing this. Shiv also hears everything.

Precap: Parvati asks Ganga that if the latter love Shiv. Ganga agrees that she used to love Shiv. Parvati tells her that she will complete the latter’s love story.