Udaariyaan 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma saves Armaan

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The Episode starts with Aasma saying sorry, I lost the letter and couldn’t read it, please tell me what did you write in it. He thinks what to do. He recalls Alia’s words. He says forget it. They have a moment. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button. She recalls their close moments. Music plays… She says you wrote a letter and I lost it, please tell me, what was written in it. She gets a call. He asks her to take the call. She says nothing is imp than you, please tell me, what was written in it. He says it might be an imp call, take it. She talks to Kabir. Armaan goes. She says Armaan might have written something romantic, so he couldn’t tell me. She prays. Armaan comes to meet Alia. He says Alia isn’t at home, where is she. Alia enters Armaan’s house. Aasma sees some shadow and goes to see. Aasma catches her by hitting a stick at her leg. Alia pushes her and runs. Aasma says who can it be. Armaan enters Alia’s room through the window. He calls her out. He sees Alia. He asks are you fine. Alia walks with difficulty. He asks what happened, are you hurt. She says nothing. He says I don’t want to hurt your heart. She says fine, you did that for your family, go now and celebrate Navratri at your home. He asks how do you know. She says I know, why do you ask, you don’t care, just go before your dad comes here. Armaan says Alia, I don’t find anything right. She asks him to just leave. He leaves. She thinks I feel good seeing you in guilt, it will keep you away from Aasma, I will see your Navratri.

Its morning, Aasma does the arrangements. Sukhi asks are the preparations done. She says yes, Armaan will get the idol. Bebe says the mahurat is at 9am. Rano asks about Bharat and Daksha. Sukhi says I will find out. Alia comes there. He asks why did she come here. Alia greets them. Sukhi thinks to keep her away. Bharat and Daksha come home. Sukhi introduces Aasma and praises her. Baby thinks what is Alia doing. Aasma and Armaan do the aarti together. Bharat gives the chadava. The stage starts shaking. Aasma sees this and gets shocked. She pulls Armaan back and holds the idol. The mandap falls. Armaan also goes to Aasma. Someone looks on. Baby stops Alia and takes her aside. She says you did this, tell me the truth, you are targeting Armaan to hurt Aasma, if anything happens to him, then we will kill him. Alia says I promise, I didn’t do anything, I just want to insult that Aasma, I have no intention to insult you, maybe you did this thing. Baby slaps her and scolds. She says if you didn’t do this, then the pandal can’t fall on its own. Aasma and Armaan ask are you okay. Everyone praises Aasma. Armaan lifts Aasma and takes her. Baby says everyone is seeing Aasma’s bravery, not the bad omen. Sukhi says bad omen is waived off, Aasma saved Armaan’s life today, you don’t talk nonsense. Armaan takes care of Aasma. A guy is seen buying medicines at the chemist. The doctor says its not a fracture. Armaan thanks him. He says you will just take rest now, tell me if you want anything, why are you smiling. He goes to buy sling and medicines. Raja says someone gave this for Aasma. Armaan checks the sling and medicines. He says who can it be. Raja says its okay, doctor uncle has sent this.

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The episode ends