Barsatein 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh proposes Aradhna

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The Episode starts with Reyansh and Aradhna having an eyelock. They argue. O Saajna…plays…. He asks is it your yes. Aradhna says yes, this music, ambience, everyone is so happy, yes for this happy mood. He says not for this, but that. She says yes for that also, some people can’t change, but you changed, you supported Kimaya and understood me, its yes for that. He says if I have changed, then I should get something in return. She stops him from getting close to kiss. He says you are so mean, you girls like to fool boys. She says you know it. Malini comes and asks what are you doing here. He says we have a surprise for you, please go. Malini goes.

Aradhna goes. Kriti says Aradhna is always after Vikram, everywhere, what is this, I asked her not to try lame jokes here, if anyone sees them, will anyone believe that Vikram and Kimaya are getting married. Malini worries. Komal says like you all know that its Malini’s birthday, and we sisters and Aradhna have planned a surprise, are you guys ready for that. They all come up with a sweet dance performance. Everyone dances. Malini smiles. Viren gets a video of the past incident. He gets worried.

He faints. Everyone asks what happened. Doctor checks Viren’s BP. He asks Viren to stop drinking. Viren says Reyansh and Jai are going to become my sons in law. Malini asks girls to go and let their dad rest. She asks whats the matter, why are you so stressed. Viren says doctor asked me to take rest.

Kadambari says I never cheated you, I m sorry. Vivek says I will give you divorce, just wait till Reyansh’s marriage, you won’t tell him anything, I will sign any paper you say. She says fine, I will try to come on time. He says you have to come to Dehradun. Aradhna consoles Malini. Malini says I have to make engagement preparations. Aradhna says don’t worry, I will do everything for Jai and Kriti. Malini says you know Kimaya’s relation is fixed. Aradhna says it’s a good thing, Kimaya is lucky, that guy is also lucky, he will be happy with her. Kriti thinks Malini can take Vikram’s name. She says mom, let it get official first, Aradhna won’t want Kimaya to suffer again. Malini says yes. Aradhna says you leave everything on us, who is the guy. Kriti says it’s a surprise, just help me. Aradhna goes. Kriti asks Malini not to talk to outsiders. Malini says she didn’t know who is the guy. Kriti says you know how people are, be careful. Malini says yes, Kimaya’s happiness shouldn’t get any hurdle. Aradhna gets Reyansh’s call. Reyansh surprises her and says I thought to have an unofficial date. Kaisa pyaar tu jataaye… He confesses his feelings. He asks for a second chance. She says I can’t trust you again, you had ruined my life, no, I can’t do this, you can get forgiveness but not a chance. He says you can make a new start, you know I m just yours, your heart is just mine. Aradhna says no, I have no time for this. He says something always happens in life, dad is going to get a ring for you tomorrow, if you wear it, then I will think you have accepted me, I will be waiting. She says no, we won’t talk about this now. He holds her close and says I told myself that until you hate me, I will tolerate, I will be hurt when you don’t care, we will see. It starts raining. They kiss. Tum hi ho….plays… She goes. Reyansh thinks this rain got another chance for us, if you wear the ring tomorrow then I will be yours forever. Jai sees the ring and thinks Aradhna, our love season will start tomorrow, I will make you mine, get ready, I m coming to take my bride.

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Reyansh says I will make you ready, no one can separate us. Reyansh gets engaged to Kimaya. Aradhna cries.