Udaariyaan 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Aasma find a lead

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The Episode starts with Sukhi and Neetu complaining to Armaan about Meher. Armaan says we will solve this with love, not anger. He asks Haniya to take rest. Aasma goes after Armaan. She says try to understand, I didn’t push Meher, we need to explain her. He says Meher is a little girl, she made a mistake, it can be Haniya’s mistake too. Sukhi says Haniya didn’t do anything, I was there, Meher had thrown the toy at her head. Armaan says maybe Haniya started the fight, its not right to blame Meher. Rano says you aren’t seeing her mistake. Aasma says we have to explain the kids. Armaan says I think Meher’s behavior changed because of Alia. Aasma says its not Alia’s mistake, its our responsibility to explain Meher. He says yes, this won’t happen if we see both the kids equal. Zaid comes to see Haniya. She says I m fine. Zaid says you want to teach a lesson to Meher. She says yes. He fixes a water bucket on the top of the door. Meher comes there. They see her and smile. Meher gets in. The water falls over her. Zaid and Haniya laugh. Meher gets angry. Zaid and Meher argue. He pushes her. Armaan comes and holds Meher. Armaan takes Zaid with him. He says he has beaten Meher. Zaid says she was threatening Haniya. Armaan raises hand. Aasma stops him. They argue. Aasma says its imp for us and that girl, maybe she isn’t able to tell us something. He says its our mistake. She says we all love Meher, why don’t you understand. Neetu says he is spoiling Haniya’s life for an outsider. Aasma stops her. Ranvijay says its okay if Meher isn’t their daughter, they love her a lot. Neetu asks why, Armaan and Aasma also regard you their family, your family isn’t yours. Rano asks what nonsense. Ranvijay says its okay, you are right, I m sorry. He goes. Neetu says I just told the truth. Ranvijay sits sad and cries. Rano comes there and pacifies him.
Aasma and Armaan come and look on.
Rano says I m also your fan from today. Aasma sees Armaan. He says we will keep Meher’s matter aside, we promised RV, we have to meet RV’s Dadi again. She says this time, someone else will come with us. Its morning, Dadi says I m leaving now. She sees Rohan. He hugs her. Aasma says we got him here, please tell us about RV. Dadi tells how RV’s mom had stolen RV from an orphanage. She says I don’t remember. RV gets an invite from an orphanage. Aasma says we will go to every orphanage and find out. Armaan says sure. They come home and tell everything to Ranvijay. Ranvijay asks what. Aasma says don’t worry, we will find out the details. Armaan checks the orphanage invite. He says they are asking RV to perform for the kids. Armaan encourages Ranvijay. Raja comes and says your smile suits you, I m also your brother. Ranvijay smiles and says fine, we will go there. Aasma asks Ranvijay to show his pic. Ranvijay shows his childhood pic. Armaan says you were very lovely, I mean even now, but less than me.

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She says don’t know how his mum left him. Aasma says we don’t know her situation. She asks Ranvijay to be strong. She talks to Haniya. Armaan talks to Meher. Its night, Aasma hears some noise and goes out to see. She sees Armaan and Ranvijay fighting. She is shocked. She shouts Armaan.

The episode ends