Doree 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ganga Prasad meets with an accident

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Mansi sitting sad on the stairs and says everything is a joke in this family, my daughters existence was ignored. Bhola walks to Mansi. Mansi looks at the goats with him and thanks him saying you came at the right time and stopped an evil ritual. Bhola says to her, you lost your daughter and so now you consider Doree as your daughter right? Mansi says to him that a mother protects her child and I couldn’t save both my daughters and both are away from me. Bhola wipes her tears and says to her that saving Doree’s father from doing a bad deed is like protecting Doree. Mansi worries about Ganga Prasad.

Ganga Prasad, inebriated, wanders the streets and recalls encountering a baby in the temple. Mahendar confronts Rukmani, questioning her motives in trying to mold Ganga into something he’s not. Rukmani defends herself, but Mahendar asserts that Ganga isn’t her biological son and threatens to expose her. Despite Rukmani’s denials, Mahendar vows to reveal the truth, unfazed by her warnings.

Nani expresses dissatisfaction to Govind for selling the goat without informing her. Govind explains his reasons, citing financial constraints, and Satho remarks that Doree wouldn’t have allowed it. When the goat mysteriously returns, Nani credits Doree’s influence. Bhola signals approval and heads to meet Ganga Prasad. As Ganga reflects on his identity and family’s potential danger, Bhola intervenes, urging him to return home. Ganga expresses fear about his family’s intentions, but Bhola reassures him.

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However, as a car approaches, Ganga panics, and Bhola identifies himself as Doree to stop the vehicle. Yash emerges, pleading for Ganga’s rescue. Meanwhile, Rukmani takes Mahendar to meet Kailashi Devi, who predicts Rukmani’s impending downfall, foretelling the ruin brought by an unknown girl born into her family. Despite Rukmani’s warnings, Kailashi Devi refuses to divulge the girl’s identity.

The doctor tends to Ganga, Bhola wonders if his memory will return. Rukmani arrives, fearing Ganga’s potential recollection, as he experiences flashes of his past, leaving everyone on edge. Neelu walks to Ganga Prasad and asks him if he is fine. Ganga Prasad talks about his memory flashes.

Precap: Bhola says to Nani that now make me Doree again. Doree goes back to haveli and thinks I have all proofs against Thakurain and these proofs will help Baba regain his memory. Rukmani stops Doree.