Udaariyaan 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan brings Aasma home

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Udaariyaan 12th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan calling Aasma again. She disconnects. She gets shocked seeing the stalker. Kabir ties her up. He makes her wear a kamarbandh. Armaan enters the room and holds Aasma. Kabir throws something and jumps out of the window. Armaan follows him. Aasma runs out of the house and sees the constable lying unconscious. Armaan catches Kabir and tries to remove the mask. Kabir stabs his hand and pushes him. He leaves. Aasma says Armaan, don’t go, please. Armaan says leave me. Kabir collides with Alia and runs. Armaan asks how dare he come here, leave me. She says stop for my sake, come home. She takes him home. She does the aid and scolds him. He says you didn’t let me stay here to protect you, I don’t want the bandage. She says you will get septic. He says you aren’t safe here. She asks am I safe with you, you have hurt me a lot. He says stop it, I worry for you, I care for you, I love you a lot, I love you more than my life. He holds her. She sees the kamarbandh. Alia follows the stalker. She says it means that stalker is Kabir. Aasma cries and removes the kamarbandh. Armaan says everything is fine. He hugs her and says come with me, you aren’t safe here. She refuses.

Everyone comes home. Ashok says I have called Ekam, he is coming. Armaan says he had come here before also. Dadi asks why didn’t you tell us. Armaan says Aasma isn’t safe here, she will go home with me. Aasma says I will not go with you. Deepak says she doesn’t want to go with you, we are there to take care of her. Ekam comes and says I got more constables, nothing will happen to Aasma. Aasma and Ekam ask Armaan to go. Ashok says thanks for taking care of her in our absence. Armaan says Aasma, we are still husband and wife, I didn’t give you divorce, I have a right on you, I can force you to come. Aasma says I won’t go with you ever, go away. He leaves.

Armaan comes there and faints the constables. He makes Aasma smell chloroform. She faints. He brings her home. Aasma wakes up and says you…. He says yes, I did this for your safety. She says you have kidnapped me, you think I will forgive you, no way. He says listen to me. She says leave me, I will not praise you.

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He says I m your husband, no one can stop me from protecting you, you have to stay here. Armaan locks her in the room. Rano and Sukhi come and ask when did Aasma come. Aasma says he has kidnapped me. Rano says let her go, you can’t force her. Armaan says her life is in danger. Aasma says let me go. Sukhi says what you did is wrong, it will spoil relations. Kabir sees Aasma getting kidnapped. He thinks you didn’t do right, Armaan. Deepak asks how dare he does this.

Ashok says I will talk to Ekam. Ekam and Deepak come to Sukhi’s house. They see Aasma locked in the room. Ekam slaps Armaan and scolds him. He says give me the key. Armaan says Aasma won’t go anywhere, I won’t give the key. Deepak asks Sukhi to explain his son. Sukhi says Armaan, give the key, else I will beat you. He slaps Armaan.

He gets a stick and beats Armaan. Aasma cries. Armaan says I could get Aasma despite the security, the stalker can also get in, I m rectifying my mistake, arrest that stalker first and then take Aasma. Rano asks them to stop it. She says Armaan, if you care for Aasma, then win her heart, give me the key. Armaan gives the key. Rano opens the door and hugs Aasma.
Ekam says give me a written complaint, I will arrest Armaan. Aasma says no, I don’t want to. She leaves with Ekam and Deepak. Armaan prays to find some way. Raja and Kannu come and wish Aasma on her birthday. Raja says I knew it, you all will forget. Rano also wishes Aasma. Kabir comes there. Armaan says make Aasma eat sweets and ask her to stay back on her birthday. Rano makes Aasma eat sweets. Aasma greets elders. Sukhi says we will celebrate your birthday. Rano says yes, she can stay here today. Kabir looks on. Everyone convinces Aasma to stay. Ekam and Deepak leave. Armaan sees Aasma and thanks her. Aasma goes to her room. She locks the door. He says okay, I won’t come inside. He sits outside the door. Kabir thinks I will celebrate with you.

The episode ends