Meet 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok apologises to Sumeet for his behaviour.


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Raj and Priyanka are getting married, and a song plays in the background as they go through the marriage rituals. Sumeet and Shlok share a glance, and memories of their own wedding come to mind. Sumeet smiles, while Shlok feels remorseful for his past behaviour towards Sumeet. Raj and Priyanka complete their marriage rituals.

Sumeet expresses her mixed feelings, unsure whether to be sad about her sister-in-law leaving or happy that she is becoming her brother’s wife. Shlok advises Priyanka on true love and assures her that Raj will always be there for her. He encourages her never to hurt her partner. Priyanka becomes emotional, and Shlok asks her to take care of herself. Shlok acknowledges his wrongdoing to Sumeet and presents her with a sorry pamphlet, seeking forgiveness. They share an emotional hug.

The next day, Sumeet surprises Shlok with a bike ride, revealing that she learned to ride a bike to emulate Meet. As they ride, Shlok receives a call, alerting them to a big problem. Shlok takes Sumeet to a cafe, where he has prepared a decorated table as a surprise. They spend a romantic time together, reminiscing about their first coffee date. Shlok expresses his love for Sumeet, promising to fulfill all her dreams and become a wonderboy. He declares his love loudly, making Sumeet blush.

Shlok and Sumeet share a romantic dance. The music company director expresses confidence in the launch of Shlok’s new song, anticipating its popularity. Shlok feels nervous, but Sumeet encourages him, reminding him that his voice is a blessing from Goddess Saraswati. She boosts his confidence, urging him to sing from the heart. As Shlok begins recording, he feels nervous and makes mistakes. The director questions Sumeet about Shlok’s difficulty in singing well.

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Sumeet says to Shlok forget that anyone is here just look into my eyes and say your voice touched my heart.  Shlok sings his song. His teaser song got millions of views and becames a hit.