Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Follows Seerat


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Angad scolds Sahiba for hurting herself carelessly and asks her to show her foot. Sahiba says she didn’t hurt herself carefully, she stepped on a bracelet. He asks why don’t she keep her stuff in place, her own stuff hurt her now. She says what is new in it, her dear ones hurt her always. Angad gets her a pain relieving spray and asks her to apply it herself if she doesn’t need her dear one’s help. Sahiba looks at the bracelet and identifies it as Seerat’s. She thinks what was Seerat doing in her room.

Jasleen doesn’t like decoration and scolds event manager to change it. He says there will be more expenses. Jasleen says she doesn’t care. She gets her assistant’s call who informs that she settled guests in a 7-star Topaz hotel. Inder confronts her for overspending when they are going through financial crisis and all their business accounts are frozen. Jasleen says they still have so much money that they can fund their celebration. Manveer says Yash is rich enough to take care of his guests. Jasleen says he is richer than them now, but she doesn’t want him to feel that she is marrying him for money. Manveer laughs and asks her to stop her drama as everyone know that she is returning to Yash just for his money. Jasleen asks if she is jealous of her that she is getting back her love again. Angad stops their argument and tells Jasleen that she will get whatever she likes and shouldn’t bother about expenses. Jasleen gets happy and hugs him.

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Sahiba walks towards Seerat’s room to confront her. Seerat gets ready to meet Garry and tells him over phone that he chose a wrong day to meet. Garry says she should come right now if she needs her freedom or else he will get busy with some important work soon. She asks him not to threaten her and tries to walk out when Sahiba walks in and asks what was her bracelet doing in her room. Seerat says denies at first and then says she had come to seek Sahiba’s opinion in selecting a gift for Jasleen, bracelet must have fallen down then.

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