Atal 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Atal Questions About Bhagat Singh

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The episode starts with Atal questioning his father Krishna Pandit to explain him what is slavery and freedom. Krishna warns him not to talk about these issues and asks when he explained him to concentrate on his studies, then why did he return to a burnt basti/locality; he warns him not to go there again and not to take Bhagat Singh’s name. Dadaji knocks door. Krishna opens door. Dadaji asks what happened. Krishna says he should ask what didn’t happen, Atal’s age is to study and he is worried about whole world except studies, he is talking about Bhagat singh, Dadaji should explain him to concentrate on studies. Atal asks his mother if he was wrong to ask about freedom, salvery, and Bhagat Singh. Dadaji hears that.

At night, Atal’s elder brother Prem asks him to help him in fixing a cycle. Atal says nobody answers his questions. Prem says Atal himself told that Bhagat Singh was a revolutionary, then why he is still doubtful. Krishna maa asks Atal to stop thinking much and concentrate on his studies. British puppets Dayal and another man brainwash Indian puppet officer Tomar that Atal openly talked about Bhagat Singh, they feel someone from his house is a revolutionary and if that is proven, Krishna will lose his job and his family will be proven a traitor and Atal will be kicked out of school. They all 3 laugh.

Dadaji tells Krishna that they should answer to Atal’s questions. Krishna says Tomar and Dayal’s attention is on Atal now. Prem informs them that Tomar and Dayal are talking about getting Atal out of school. Tomar says he warned Atal already not to talk about Bhagat singh and revolution. Dadaji says that is why he told him to answer Atal’s questions. Krishna takes Atal to his room and asks him if he wants to know who Bhagat Singh is and British government’s misbehavior towards him. Atal says he wants to know everything. Krishna there is a city named Lahore 700 km from here where Bhagat Singh is in jail and is waiting for his death; they are slaves of a slave nation who are forced to do whatever they are asked for without a question; Bhagat Singh is opposing slavery and hence he is being hanged.

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Bhagat Singh in jail reads book. Jailer informs him that his fate will be decided soon. Bhagat says he finished reading this book and needs another book with a smile. Jailer asks why is he smiling hearing about his death sentence. Bhagat says he wants death so that young generation know about him and fight for India’s freedom; even if people forget him but get freedom, his death will get a meaning; he is reading as educated people can never be slaves. Dadaji tells Atal that one who opposes slavery are called revolutionary, they are tortured and their houses are burnt. Krishna maa says Bhagat chose to be hanged for the freedom of our nation. Jailer tells Bhagat that is words look like a dream for him, anyways he will bring his new book.

Atal asks Krishna to tell his school’s principal who is a British to free Bhagat. Krishna says that is not decided by a school principal but judiciary officers who want to kill Bhagat to stop people from becoming revolutionary like Bhagat. He says Atal will understand it as he grows. Dadaji says burning bastis or opposing British will not stop Bhagat Singh’s death penalty. Krishna maa says they are helpless. Atal asks her if Bhagat will die then. They hear Tomar making an announcement and rush near balcony. People gather. Tomar says there is a sensational news, Bhagat Singh will be hanged tomorrow morning. Atal feels sad hearing that.

Precap: Bhagat Singh is hanged by Britishers in jail. Newspaper man announces that Bhagat Singh is hanged last night itself. Atal pays homage to the freedom fighter with villagers. Tomar stops them.