Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat Accuses Sahiba


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Seerat tries to prepare banana pancakes for Angad. Simran asks her to add mangoes with honey. Seerat thinks Angad likes banana with maple syrup pancakes. She asks Simran to try banana pancakes today as mangoes are not good. Simran eats bananas and asks her to prepare mango pancakes now. Seerat refuses. Simran says she knows Seerat is preparing pancakes for Angad and not her, she will go and inform Angad about it. Seerat scolds her for misbehaving with her always and starts cutting fresh bananas. Simran thinks Seerat scolded her so much for a few bananas. She tricks Seerat and drops juice on her. Seerat runs behind her to hit her.

Sahiba meets Inder. Inder informs her that Manveer is doubting on him and she should hide the truth for some more time. Sahiba says she can’t hide truth from Angad for long and its better he informs truth to Angad and Manveer before the find out from someone else. Inder says he needs time to reveal truth and says he feels good seeing Angad’s liking for Simran. Sahiba says Angad likes Simran until he doesn’t know the truth, a few family members pity on Simran hearing about her situation and her orphan status, they all should know that he is Simran’s father. Seerat runs behind Simran and notices Sahiba talking to Simran’s father. She thinks she should see who he is. Her dupatta gets stuck and she fails to see Inder’s face. Simran walks to her. Seerat asks her to go from there.

Sahiba notces them and asks Simran what is she doing here. Simran says she wants to have pancakes, but Seerat is not giving pancakes to her. Seerat says Simran is an evil child and is troubling her since morning. Sahiba asks her to mind her language towards the child and asks her to give pancakes to Simran. Seerat takes Simran away. Sahiba asks Inder again to reveal truth to Angad and Manveer before it’s too late. Inder says though he and Manveer are not in talking terms, Manveer is his son’s mother and he fears she harms herself after finding out truth. Sahiba says he can’t keep Manveer in dark for long. Inder agrees.

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Akaal questions Angad if he spoke to boarding school about Simran’s admission there. Angad says not yet. Jasleen asks why is he delaying and worried about Simran when Kiara also studied in that boarding school. Manveer insists to finish the admission process soon. Jasleen says Manveer is more eager to send Simran from here. Angad says he wants to keep Simran at home. Sahiba says they want Simran to join some good school in Ludhiana itself and stay with them. Japjyoth says they shouldn’t take a decision in emotions as they would be having their own children soon and can’t take proper care of Simran. Jaspal and Gurleen also ask them to rethink about their decision. Manveer says there is nothing to think and should shift Simran to boarding school as soon as possible. Akaal says they shall find out if Simran has any relatives whom she can stay with. Sahiba asks she already spoke to orphanage and they agreed to give Simran’s guardianship to her and Angad, so can they keep Simran with them until they find their relative.

Seerat walks in and asks what if Seerat’s father comes and claims her. Angad asks why she always opposes Sahiba’s decisions as if she doesn’t know her sister well. Seerat says she knows her sister really well. Angad says even government want society to adopt such children and let them live with the family. Seerat says Sahiba is hiding truth and accuses that she knows who Simran’s father. Family stands shocked. Seerat says she herself saw her speaking to Simran’s father.

Precap: Intoxicated Angad sitting besides a swimming pool with intoxicated Sahiba sings a song hoarsely. Sahiba asks him to stop. Angad expresses his love for her. Sahiba asks if he will not support her regarding Simran. Angad says she should leave the decision to him.