Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Vaijnath decides to deal with Bhim Rao in his own way.


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Deepak inquires Shoba about the reason of his father sunning away. Shoba paused, recalled the time he was with her, Deepak was just an infant then. Shoba and Purushottam planned to save money, buy a shop and a new house for their family, and promised to live together forever. Shoba started crying, Deepak assures fighting for her right like Bhim Rao. They heard people screaming, went to check.
The men plead to be spared, Vaijnath questions their bravery. Shoba questions Vaijnath, he remembers that she was supporting Bhim Rao. Shishupal mocked her husband’s return; she is taking vegetable home to cook for her husband. Deepak shouts, his mother has no relation with that man. Vaijnath orders the vegetables to be snatched from her. They plan to treat Bhim Rao’ supporters similar to the way they want to treat Bhim Rao. Vaijnath smashes the vegetables.

Bhim Rao headed out; Rama served him lunch. She tells him that he will be more responsible from now on, a lot of people will be looking up to him. Bhim Rao agrees, he would have to be careful about them. Ramji aggresses, Jijabai comes asking about his plan to go abroad. Ramji wants Bhim Rao to be serious about his foreign education plan. Jijabai plan to irritate Rama in his absence.

Vaijnath sends a message for Bhim Rao, telling his supporters about it.

Rama asks Bhim Rao about his plan. He tells that they will find work and plan for his foreign education. Shoba rushed to chawl. Bhim Rao questions the injured man. Shoba tells that Vaijnath did that, threw her vegetables and sends a message that Bhim Rao would have to walk around Bombay telling everyone that he is alone, until than his supporters will suffer. Hitesh and Janardan mock Bhim Rao’s slogan. Bala and Anand decide to reply with violence. Bhim Rao forbids from doing so. Rama asks everyone not in support of Bhim Rao to leave. Hitesh questions, Purushottam asks everyone to leave. Joku questions him for supporting Rama for his interest. Purushottam argues. Hitesh and everyone else. Bhim Rao tells Bala that it’s impossible to protect the lower caste. Raji agrees, Lakshmi tells that the law will protect them. Karuna asks how they will do anything knowing that Vaijnath does not respect the law. Bhim Rao reminds that like everyone else Vaijnath will follow the law as well. Ramji will accompany Bhim Rao. Jijabai stops him. Bhim Rao asks everyone to stay in the chawl. He and Rama will go to file the complaint.

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The police officer questions why Bhim Rao’s supporters kept chanting the slogan despite Maharaj ruling in his favor. Bhim Rao questions the police officer for not considering the actual crime. The police officer mocks Bhim Rao’s supports for calling themselves by his name. Rama asks him to stop laughing for her to explain. Rama tells that everyone has their faith in Bhim Rao, not in the police officer or any other member of the country. Bhim Rao wants the police officer to think ahead, he asks the people not to disorient from their statement. Bhim Rao assures, he wants Vaijnath not to trouble his caste.
Janardan informs Vaijnath about the Bhim Rao complaining report against him. Vaipal and Shishupal were afraid because Bhim Rao has never lost a legal fight. Vaijnath is not like Varchand or Joshi, he will deal with Bhim Rao himself. He sends his son to bring two sticks.

Bhim Rao and the Police were searching for Vaijnath since his house was locked. They saw a wood structure with a note hanging on it. The police office read the message telling that Vaijnath will return with a court statement than talk on the matter, involving Police will be a waste of time.

The Episode Ends.