Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Akeer’s Unexpected Move

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Sahiba breaks down saying she broke her son’s heart. Daljeet says she is doing this for their son’s betterment, they will convince him as they know he can’t be angry on his parents for long. Akeer refuses to have food and walks out of room. Sahiba says she can’t see her son hungry. Daljeet convinces Akeer to have food with the help of a puppet. Akeer eats food. Sahiba smiles seeing that. Daljeet says he couldn’t see his son missing such a tasty food. Akeer walks away saying he is still angry. Daljeet sings a song to cheers him up, but Akeer doesn’t and falls asleep. Sahiba watches him sleeping.

Next morning, sahiba wakes up and asks Akeer to wake up as he needs to attend school. She doesn’t get a reply from him and calls Daljeet. Daljeet returns from market with milk. Sahiba says Akeer is not responding. They both walk into Akeer’s room and don’t find him there. Sahiba notices Akeer’s broken piggy bank and his school uniform and bag missing. Daljeet searches for him in the whole house. Sahiba informs him that his school uniform and bag are missing. Daljeet asks Biji and Twinkle if they saw Akeer. Biji says he must be somewhere around. Sahiba gets tensed and finds Akeer’s letter. Daljeet reads letter that Akeer is going to participate in a science competition without them and will return home by evening. Biji asks if Akeer is found. Daljeet says he went to Ludhiana for the competition.

Akeer reaches bus station and asks a man when will Ludhiana bus come. Man asks if he will go alone. Akeer says he is grown up and can go alone. He gets nervous seeing Daljeet’s friend Rohit walking towards him. Sahiba notices Akeer taking even his file and gets tensed thinking if he sees his birth certificate. Daljeet says they shall rush to bus station. Ludhiana bus arrives at station. He asks conductor if it stops at GDD international school. Conductor says yes and asks where are his parents. Akeer asks if he can’t go alone. Rohit notices him and asks how is his injury. Akeer says he is fine and is going to Ludhiana. Rohit asks where are his parents. Akeer says they are inside the bus and gets into bus. Bus leaves. Daljeet with Sahiba speeds his bike towards bus station.

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Garry informs Angad about today’s business meeting. Angad says he is going to attend Simran’s school’s science competition as a chief guest, his priority is Simran now and not business. Akeer buys bus ticket arguing with conductor to give him half ticket. Daljeet and Sahiba reach bus station and search for him. Rohit asks if they were not in Ludhiana bus with Akeer. They say no. Rohit says Akeer fooled him and left in Ludhiana bus. Daljeet asks when did he bus leave. Rohit says 20-25 min ago. Angad heads towards the school looking at Simran’s social media status that her brother will visit her school today. Akeer reaches GDD school and picks a pencil in front of chief guest Angad’s poster.

Precap: Sahiba and Daljeet’s bike passes by Angad’s car without them noticing each other.