Pandya Store 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Natasha influences Isha

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The Episode starts with Natasha asking Dhawal to leave. He asks how will I go, Chiku will see me. Isha comes and asks what are you doing. Natasha says I was picking this bangle. She drinks the water. Isha says I got this for Shashank. Natasha says sorry, you know what all is happening with me, I feel anxiety, like I will faint. Isha goes to get water again. Suman signs Natasha. She asks Chiku to call the doctor. Chiku says he will come. Natasha says he will be fine. She asks Shashank to get up. Chiku says he will be fine, don’t worry. She says get aside, let him get some air, you go, I will make him fine and get him for marriage. He says no, just we both are here. Isha comes back. Chiku asks Shesh and Mittu to come. Dhawal sneezes. Natasha starts sneezing and says sorry, I caught cold. Chiku asks Isha to give medicines to Natasha. Natasha asks Shashank to get up.

Shashank asks shall I get up or not. She says get up. He acts to wake up. Chiku asks him to be careful. Suman sees Dhawal hiding under the bed. Shashank asks where am I. Chiku says you fainted. Shashank asks Natasha are you okay. She says yes, its our love, you woke up for me, come with me for marriage. Shashank says I got stressed. She says I m with you, we all are with you, come fast. Chiku says don’t take stress.

She takes everyone outside. Dhawal jumps out of the window. Shashank and Natasha sit in the mandap. Dhawal says there is one last hope, kitchen. Natasha hears Chiku talking to Isha about the papers. Isha says yes, I have kept it in Pandya store godown, no one will know. He thanks her. Natasha thinks how to go to get the papers. She signs Suman. Dhawal looks for the papers. Natasha and Shashank exchange garlands. She gets an idea. She drops her ghunghat in the havan kund. The ghunghat catches fire. Isha shouts. She puts the water in the havan kund and stops the fire. She sees the burnt ghunghat. Makwanas look on. The man says it’s a bad omen. Chiku says we had to put water to put off fire. He asks Natasha is she okay. She says yes. Pandit asks him to arrange a new havan kund for the marriage. Amrish looks on angered. Natasha asks Isha to fix the chunri. Isha asks her to come. Natasha says take the havan kund to Amba and spread the smoke. Suman hugs Natasha. She says if you got burnt then… Natasha tells her something. Suman says no. Natasha says you have to do this. Dhawal says I didn’t get the papers, maybe its in Pandya store. Mittu takes the havan kund to Amba. Amba coughs by the smoke and asks why did you get it here. Mittu says sorry. He leaves the havan kund there and goes. Amrish asks Amba to come. Amba says I will go and drink water. Guard stops her. Amba scolds him and goes.

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Isha gets a dupatta for Natasha. Amrish says strange people. Natasha says this dupatta looks good. Isha goes to get pins. Suman sees Amba coming. She collides with Amba. The drinks falls over her. She argues with Amba. She insults Amba. Natasha says Suman also started insulting your family now, you might feel bad, right. Isha looks on sadly. Amba cries. Natasha says if I knew the papers’ location, then I would have given it to Amba, do something.

Natasha gets baraat for Dhawal and proposes him. He smiles and hugs her.