Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Yash Manipulates Brar Family


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Brars feel concerned with the recent events. Seerat looks at Agastya’s pic in her mobile and thinks he is in jail because of her. Akaal says on one side their family’s heir is in jail and on the other side, their business is drowning. Japjot says today was a happy day as her daughter’s life was settling, but then problems barged on them suddenly. She apologizes Yash no Agastya and Sahiba’s behalf. Yash asks her not to bother as their first priority should be to get out of these problems. Jasleen brings water for Yash and says even after Angad and Sahiba’s allegations, Yash is still standing with their family. Japjot says Yash must be angry. Yash says Sahiba and Angad should have come and spoken to him first, but at this time they should think only about Angad. Jasleen asks how can he be so calm and composed even after Angad’s allegations and is supporting Angad. Yash says Angad is like his son and he is concerned for Angad now. Akaal says he doesn’t know what to do. Yash says he should speak to his clients first and try to convince them that his family is not at mistake. Akaal says now he himself has to handle this issue. Japjot asks how will he. Yash says he is with Akaal in this matter and promises to free Angad from a fraud case. Family feels happy hearing that.

Inspector Megha asks her subordinates to put Angad in a lockup. Sahiba concerned runs towards Angad. Megha stops her. Sahiba asks why is she putting Angad in a lockup, why is she not letting her speak to her husband. Megha says she doesn’t listen to the words she doesn’t want to listen and pushes Sahiba away. Angad gets angry and says she can’t misbehave with his wife. Megha shouts if a fraud like him will teacher her how to behave and orders to throw him in lockup and not give him even water until he understands how to behave with a senior officer. Sahiba asks Angad not to worry as she will get him out soon. Megha orders constables not to let anyone meet Angad and make sure Sahiba is not around the station itself. Sahiba thinks she needs to meet Angad at any cost but first needs to confront Seerat for her lies.

Garry with his team watches Angad’s arrest news and says he was always taunted in his childhood to become like Angad, but now nobody will tell a child to become like Angad. He says he feels sorry for Angad, but is also feeling happy. He cheers alcohol with Mannat and Parth. Mannat says he destroyed Angad. Parth says all his plan worked as he wished, it calls for a celebration. Garry says not now, let the boss come as he wants to see boss feel proud of him. Parth says even he is eager to see boss’ reaction. Yash walks in. They call him boss and say they all were waiting for him. Yash looks at Garry. Garry happily opens a champhagne bottle and congratulates Yash and says finally they showed Angad his place.

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Yash throws glass away, slaps Garry, and asks why are they celebrating after making a blunder. Garry says they destroyed Angad and Brar family and succeeded in their plan. Yash asks how did Sahiba reach Fandom hotel, saw Garry, and listened to all their plan; they dig a grave for themselves and even him. Mannat says Sahiba was unconscious. Yash says Sahiba was awake and asks Garry why did he make hotel booking in company’s name. Garry says manager made that booking. Yash says he would have been in jail instead of Angad as Sahiba and Angad know everything about their plan, but somehow he managed. He asks them to go underground for some time and shift to Baweja mansion. Mannat says shifting to Baweja mansion is risky. Yash says nobody will doubt them.

Seerat calls Garry and finds his number not reachable. Yash speaks to Brars and assures them that he will handle everything. Akaal says Yash proved that he is trustable and one among them. Yash disconnects call and tells Garry that he can never forget how Brars brutally insulted him and only revenge can get him out of the trauma. He describes how his psycho son Rumi paved him a way to Brar family and how he will destroy Brar family and will get peace of mind. Garry thanks him for getting back in his life and says Brars always made him feel that he is a dust in front of Angad, it’s also his revenge and he will destroy Brars. He hugs Yash and says I love you dad. Yash grins.

Angad asks Megha to give him a headache pill. Megha demands him to sign a confession form first. Angad scratches the form. Megha angrily throws water on his face and walks away. Sahiba confronts Seerat to tell truth that she had met Garry in Fandom hotel as she had followed her to that hotel and going to the same corridor where Garry’s room was. Jasleen asks Sahiba not to drag her dead husband in it. Sahiba says Garry is alive and asks Seerat to tell truth. Seerat says she had gone to meet her friend Pinky and her husband and says even Jasleen had seen her in that hotel. Jasleen says she had seen and Seerat had lied that she wasn’t there at all. Sahiba asks Seerat why did she lie.

Precap: Megha enters Brar mansion and says because of Angad’s fraud case, his family has to suffer now and they are seizing Brar mansion. Sahiba collapses. Gurleen checks her pulse and says Sahiba is pregnant. Inder asks why god is showing them this day where their family heir is coming and they have to leave their house.