Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajwinder slaps Jarnail

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Mr. Atwal and Beant Singh exchange greetings. Mr. Atwal praises Ranjha for his respectful and caring eyes on the previous night, blessing him for a long life and hugging him. He assures Beant Singh not to worry about Heer, saying she will be like a daughter to their family. Rajwinder feels annoyed and urges Teji to start the engagement rituals. Heer arrives at the Atwal house wearing a purple lehenga, surprising Rajwinder and triggering unsettling memories for Jarnail. Rajwinder signals Suraj to look after Jarnail.

Suraj Singh attempts to take Jarnail inside, and Kuldeep expresses his admiration for Heer’s luck. Ranjha, despite his sacrifices for love, feels pain as he sees Heer marrying Kuldeep for her family’s happiness. Jarnail, overcome with anger, moves towards Heer to harm her, but Ranjha intervenes, pushing him away. Rajwinder pacifies Jarnail and sends him inside with Suraj. She fabricates a story about Jarnail’s childhood trauma, claiming he fears the colour purple due to an incident. Rajwinder apologizes to Heer and her family, and Heer decides to change her dress. Navjot takes Heer away with her.

Kuldeep is captivated by Heer once again, while Ranjha looks at her lovingly. Kuldeep offers his hand to Heer and leads her on stage. However, before he can place the ring on her finger, a police inspector arrives, calling out for Jarnail Singh Atwal. Rajwinder says to inspector I hope you realise where you standing right now and asks him why is he calling her son. The police inquire about a missing girl from J & J Pharma, mentioning a tweet about the incident. Heer realizes Jarnail owns the company. Rajwinder asks the police who posted against us.

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The police show a video posted by Heer, revealing that women from a welfare foundation are protesting the issue. Teji recalls receiving a call about the matter. The inspector insists Jarnail come to the police station, but Rajwinder suggests they will come after Kuldeep’s engagement. Heer stops them, offering the address of the lady in the video and asserting that she is mentally fit. Police note don and walks away.

Ranjha, anticipating this, worries about how Heer will cope with a family involved in illegal activities. Rajwinder downplays the situation, emphasizing that the important thing is Kuldeep’s engagement to Heer. Heer seeks permission to question Jarnail, clarifying that she is not accusing him but expressing concern for her close friend Naina. Jarnail responds disrespectfully, claiming Kuldeep will not be engaged to Heer. Kuldeep intervenes, asserting his decision to get engaged to Heer. In a surprising turn, Rajwinder slaps Jarnail saying she is our future daughter-in-law and can question you anything and encourages Heer to ask any questions she may have.

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