Suhagan Chudail 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nishi looks around for Deya and moksh. They cover the window. Nishi can’t see them. Moksh says when we are together things are a lot easier. She says I hope we always stay together. day’s locket protects Moksh. Moksh hugs Deya. He kisses her neck. Moksh comes close to her. Nishi can’t find him. Moksh hugs Deya.

Rachna says where are DEya and Moksh? This is for sure Deya’s plan. She might have done this to seduce him. Raghunath says he’s marrying Nishiganda. He wouldn’t even look at anyone else. Chachi says but we can’t trust that girl. What if she does some magic on her Juhi says we all know Deya. She’s not like that at all. Josna is happy that they’re together.

Nishi screams Moksh where are you? You can’t come close ot Deya at all. I want a virgin husband. You will be useless for me. I can’t wait for my 16th husband anymore. Moksh kisses Deya. Deya stops him. She says not now. We have to get married first. We have too go back to our family. Moksh says okay. Let’s go home and clear all this confusion. Then you will always be mine. We will always be together.

Scene 2
The police investigates the murder. Billa disguises as  a cook adn says he saw Vaidh ji on the room. He was looking for a herb from there. The inspector says there is a her there. He fell because of that. He was trying to pluck it. Nishi looks for Moksh. She asks the local.

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