Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Bhim and Rama convince Sadhna and Aalekh to stay in the chawl

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Sadhna says she had also heard about the behavior of Bhim as they got a place to live due to Bhim, Shoba and Deepak come with the pudding for them, Jokhu says they should look at him when Shoba is stunned as his face is all blacked out, Phuliya entering says they should even look at her, while even Manohar and Janardhan also have the same black color on their face. Shoba runs out to them asking how did it happen, Jokhu yells it is all due to them both, Aalkeh asks how is he at fault, Phuliya replies they were forcefully stopped to tell them that it is a criminal act to get into inter caste marriage so they should go away from the chawl, Jija Bai coming from behind agrees with Janardhan saying if they both stay in the same manner then this chawl would turn into Shamshan, Janardhan says he is holding his hand saying they should leave this chawl and pray for their act, Rama Bai comes saying she left her job for their love, they all start looking at her. Rama Bai coming says had she called their love a crime then would not have been fired but how could she say it as a crime so was fired. Phuliya says Rama is telling the story as if she has done a very big thing, Rama replies she knows she did the right thing so asks both Aalkeh and Sadhna to live peacefully here, Jija Bai what about those people whose faces have been turned black, Rama replies they should wash it with water, as if they keep deciding it based on turning the faces black then anyone can force the decision.

The person asks Ramji who says he has some work as they need to make sure the couple gets to travel safely but they live without any trouble when the person replies it would cost some money and he says they would need twenty rupees, Ramji says he will meet the person again after arranging the money. Ramji starts waling when Jija Bai asks from where is he going to arrange the twenty rupees she comes in front of him saying Rama has left her job and if they support Sadhna and Aalkeh then would be ruined, Jija Bai it is important to figure out how they can live peacefully in this city, Ramji replies he does not have a lot of wealth but is going to arrange.

Aalkeh tells Sadhna he feels they should go away from here as then everyone would be at peace, Sadhna replies she feels they should not have come when Bhim asks why are they both saying it, Aalkeh says that a lot has happened due to them both, Bhim says that the incident about turning their face black has happened a lot of times before, Bhim calls Rama to tell Aalkeh and Sadhna how many times has she been fired, Ramji comes saying even he has talked to some people so they both would be sent at the right time.

Karuna is laughing with Jija Bai saying she felt so nice that Rama has been fired from her job so she should have some more sweets, Jija Bai wonders how would she be teaching without any money when Karuna replies they should go and see, Jija Bai says they should not do it otherwise it will cause a drama, Karuna says they would now go to study today as everyone keeps telling them to study, they both leave.

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Rama praises them all as she heard they all went to support them in the police station and she today realized it is a string to get attached as one, Jija Bai says even she wants to get attached to it and study, Karuna is also eager so Rama asks them both to come and sit down so they get seated in the rear, Rama informs about what are they going to study. Jija Bai signals Karuna who then calls to Rama asking her how can they solve the problem of covering their faces black and how many people live in this chawl while how many of them have their faces covered, Jija Bai says what about if they are fired from their job and how are they going to run their house with just half of the salary. Jija Bai demands her to say it, Rama says they both should get out as this is not an act, Jija Bai says she has come to study when Rama replies they are just trying to joke as no teacher can bear that someone comes and makes fun of the place where they teach, Jija Bai and Karuna leave to go and sit at the back while Jija Bai asks her to go and teach saying they just came to see how the one who has been fired looks, they start laughing. Bhim thinks that he will remember Rama left her job for her principles and there are very few people who are ready to remain steadfast on their rules.

Shishupal is also teaching at his hut and starts to teach them about words, then Shamla brings tea when Shishupal says even Meghnath should have some tea but he replies he is just looking at Shishupal who would once make new paths for the people is now busy in teaching them, Shishupal asks the students to go back home after having tea, Shishupal says his father saw today in the police station that everyone will become one the people like Meghnath would have to decide if they want to stay together or alone, Meghnath is furious. Shishupal asks his father to go and rest thinking about what he will do, while he always keep telling people to always talk good as nothing bad can happen from it so even he should come and mend his ways, Meghnath angrily follows Shishupal while pushing him into his hut, Meghnath says he is getting weak day by day, Meghnath locks them both in the hut while saying tonight some people are going to go to the chawl of Bhim Rao to punish them for what they have done, he says the door would be opened tomorrow morning until then they should just rest, Shishupal and Shamla keep calling Meghnath but he leaves with his men.

Rama and Bhim are sleeping in the room when the family of Sadhna come, the father orders that they should steal everything from the chawl but not go to the room of Bhim Rao who is not a heavy sleeper and wakes up with the slightest of the movement, the people plan to enter each of the house one by one and start stealing the things from their houses, while Bhim andd Rama are sleeping.