Suhaagan 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish saves Bindiya’s respect

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The Episode starts with Payal asking Bindiya not to take her name falsely. Judge asks her not to interrupt the case hearing. Payal says why will I give 5 lakhs Rs to someone for a phone, and says I can buy new phone. Bindiya says you are taking my advantage, as I can’t tell the truth. Judge asks her to forget everything and say the truth. The lawyer asks her to tell the truth. Bindiya says I can’t tell the truth. Lawyer asks her to get ready to lose the case, husband and get labeled of being characterless. Bindiya says ok and gives Payal’s phone to Judge, and requests Judge not to show it to everyone here in court. Judge checks and asks what is this joke? Payal smirks again. Judge says there is no video here, but the same photos which are on the table. Bindiya checks and finds the same photos, and says there is something wrong, as I have seen the video. Chopra says you are doing wrong with Krish. Bindiya says I can’t do this even if I die. She tells that Payal’s phone was lost and the goon had got it, and tells that he was blackmailing Payal and asking for 5 lakhs Rs as there as personal video in it. Payal says I got my phone back. Bindiya says she is lying? Krish says Payal is not lying and tells that I found her phone in my room last night and I gave it to her. Payal smiles and shows the phone to Judge shocking Bindiya. Bindiya looks at the phone in her hand with tears in her eyes. Chopra says the case is clear. Payal thinks it is good that phone drama is successful with Chopra’s help. She says she hides her phone in Krish’s room. Chopra tells Payal that she has executed her plan well and says similar phone is with the goon. Payal smirks. Fb ends.

Chopra tells Judge that this is the reality of Bindiya Shukla and asks how can my client stay all life with greedy, betrayal and characterless woman. Bindiya’s lawyer tells that he can’t accuse his client and says they shall check the photos checked. Chopra says he has brought the witness also, with the money, and the witness is her old lover who knows her since years. He says such woman shall be ashamed to keep the innocent guy like Krish trapped all life and for giving money to her lover to get rid of him. Bindiya says it is not truth. Chopra says Bindiya wants to get Krishna’s wealth and whatever she can’t get from him, she wants to get from outside men. Bindiya keeps her hands on her ears and asks him to stop it, and asks how much you will lie. Krish gets angry. Payal keeps her hand on his shoulder to stop him.

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Chopra says such characterless and betrayal woman has no right to be called as someone’s wife, and says she is a stain on womanhood. Bindiya says this is a lie. Chopra says she is characterless. Krish gets angry and says enough. Bindiya looks at him. Krish says stop it, you can bring 1000’s photos or witness, and even God, but I will not accept that Bindiya can do this cheap thing. He tells Judge that Bindiya is stubborn, foolish, sometimes taunt me, but she can’t be characterless. He says if anyone tries to defame her, then I will not bear. He tells Chopra that he already said that he don’t want to do anything wrong to win the case. Chopra says I didn’t make any story, and shows the proofs. Krish tears the photos. He says you was humiliating a girl using these pics. He says he will tear the people like these photos. Chopra says he has witness too. Krish grabs the guy’s collar and asks who gave you money to do acting. The guy says Bindiya gave me money. Judge asks him to maintain Court decorum and asks the guy to say the truth. The guy says Chopra gave him money to do this and runs away from there. Payal thinks she might get exposed and starts blaming Chopra, and says Krish asked you not to do this. Chopra says it was all Payal’s plan. Payal says you are taking my name as I am fighting the case. She tells that Mr. Chopra wants to win the case as this is his 100th case. She acts and tells that she is on the same side as her side and tells Chopra that he is such a low person. Chopra says I will show everyone, what you are. Krish asks Chopra to stop it and apologizes to Judge. He says he wants divorce, but not at the stake of ruining someone’s respect. Bindiya thinks I love you immensely, and now respects you immensely. The lady says I wish everyone’s husband are like him. Judge tells that she will send notice to bar council to take action against Chopra and adjourns the court.

Chopra says I will not leave anyone and goes fuming. The lawyer tells Bindiya that Chopra can’t do anything now. He goes to take the next date. Payal thinks to talk to Chopra and convince her not to take her name. She goes. Bindiya thanks Krish. Krish apologizes to Bindiya on Chopra’s behalf and says he was not aware of all this. Baldev feels proud of Krish and hugs him. Krish says we shall talk at home and goes. Pankaj tell Bindiya that today her trust has won. Bindiya says Babu ji’s upbringing has won and says Krish has saved Shukla family’s respect today.

Precap: Bindiya gets drunk and asks Krish to say I love you to her.