Doree 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Nani kicks Doree out of the house

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Scene 1

Vansh shoves Doree and goes ahead. Doree thinks about her dad’s machine. she goes and shoves Vansh. Raj says how dare you. Vansh fights with her. Doree hits him. She says you’re a cheater. They both fight. Raj’s wife says if my MIL finds out she will get this race shut down forever. Satu stops Doree. She said I was going to win. He cheated. He says she’s lying. Raj takes Vansh from there. The manager says you won second prize. she says I won’t, I don’t want the second prize. Satu says to take it. It’s 4k. You will get the machine in it.

Kailashi comes to the client. They say sorry we got late. A dog came under our car. Kailashi says we had to take him to the vet. He says you’re so merciful. He says our foreigner clients want to see your sarees. Anand presents them with their designs. Kailashi gets a picture of Vansh winning. The client says we get such designs on the internet. There’s nothing new. Shukla says this isn’t special like before. She says we will get this order. we will create something you haven’t seen before. Shukla says we’ve to walk with time. You have time till tomorrow. Kailashi accepts the challenge.

Scene 2

Ganga’s friends get him home. Nani is worried. She panics. Nani cries. She sees Doree’s slippers in his hands. Dadi says you’ve ruined your life for that girl. Now she will take your life.
Kailashi gets mad at Anand. She says you got me ashamed. You know nothing about this business. You know what you’re doing. Vansh comes. He tells Kailashi he won. Raj says a girl competed with him. Vansh says but I won. She asks how did you get this bruise? He says because of that girl, but I defeated her. She says well done. Girls can never compete with guys.

Doree gets the machine and drags it home with Satu. Kailashi says to Anand I want a design in the next 24 hours that makes Shukla beg to work with us. Doree comes home. She asks Satu to sit on the machine so she can surprise Ganga. She asks Nani to open the door. Nani says you have taken all his happiness. Today you were gonna take his life. You’re the curse of our lives. Doree says let me meet papa. Is he okay? She says you’re the curse of his life. I won’t let you enter my house. Doree says where ould I go if not my home? She says go back where you came from. This isn’t your home. Doree asks where is my home? Nani says how would I know? She asks Satu and everyone to leave. Dadi says you’ve ruined his life. He’s always looking after you. Your slipper almost killed him. Go from here. Doree says let me look at papa. I wont’ ask for anything else. I will eat anything. Nani stops her and says he’s not your dad. You’re no one to him. You’re an orphan. Doree asks what’s that? She says an orphan is someone with no parents. Like you  have no parents. She says but dad is my mama papa both. She says he’s no one to you. Doree asks then who’s related to you? Nani says how would I know? Your parents left you in the river to die. Ganga picked you out of mercy. Ever since then we’ve not had peace in our lives. Go from his life. She says this basket it your reality. Pick and go from here. Never come back here. She shoves Doree out. Doree cries outside. She says Nani please open the door. Let me see papa once. I will go forever. Nani says no. Go from here. Doree cries outside.

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Doree runs in the market. Satu goes after her. Doree cries. She says baba and Doree were always together. How am I not his daughter? everyone says I look like her. I am baba’s daughter. Why did nani say all that? She cries. Doree says I wanna go to papa. She cries at the temple. Ganga takes Doree’s name. He says I got your slippers. You wont’ have to walk barefoot anymore. He says Doree where are you in sleep. Doree says baba is not well. Should I peek in? She recalls what nani said. Doree says Nani said if i go in baba’s life will he die? Don’t do anything to him God, I will never go back him.

Episode ends