Suhaagan 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya telling that the bigger truth over other truth is that she is his suhaagan and that she has taken 7 rounds with him, with true heart and with all the rituals. She says truth is that also, your ghatbandhan happened with me, and that you have sworn to be with me for the seven births. She says you was the one who filled sindoor in my hairline, witnessing God and made me wear this mangalsutra. She says sindoor is not just the red color, but it is the epitome of the married life, and the mangalsutra is not the jewellery, but it is the sign of husband’s love and for his safety. She says the seven rounds are not just words, but it is the devotion and trust which will not let this relation break ever, so why I shall not follow the vows, rituals, devotion and trust. She says how to ignore elders’ blessings and trust, and says I have decided what to do, I am this house’s bahu and your wife, so I will not go anywhere leaving this house. Krish, Indu, Sakshi and Payal get shocked. Baldev and Dadi are happy with her decision. Bindiya says Dadi has told me that a woman goes to her sasural in Doli and goes out on Arthi, so who am I to break this rule. Sakshi says this illiterate has thrown the card today. Dadi tells Phoolmati that they can leave now, as Bindiya herself will handle everything alone. Phoolmati says you are right. They leave. Baldev, Indu and others go from there. Krish looks at Payal, who again starts her drama and runs out of the house.

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