Saavi Ki Savaari 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam gets back his Dalmia Industries


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The Episode starts with Sonam and Raksham are being thrown out by Barjatya and others. Vedika shouts Sonam and makes her get up. She asks who has dare to touch my son and daughter in law. Sonam says Barjatya has snatched our everything from us and says Raksham is not saying anything. She asks Nityam to say something. Nityam says he has done the same thing which Raksham Bhaiyya has done with us, like he had snatched my everything from me, and says as you sow so you will reap. He says I heard that the persons get punished for their karmas in the same birth and says even you both got punished. Raksham gets teary eyes. Nityam says I am lucky to see them punished, and says Saavi and I have got everything back, our lost respect too. He says whatever you have snatched everything from me, but couldn’t handle it. He says you are standing where I was standing before. Saavi says Nityam…they need us today, we can’t leave them alone. Nityam says I am not stopping anyone to help them, but after whatever they have done with me, I am ending my relations with them, and whoever helps them, I will end my relation with that person. Nityam and Saavi leave. Sonam asks Ratna to support her, and says whatever I have done wrong or right, you was with me always. She says where I will go now? Ratna says I am repenting for supporting you, and says Nityam is right, and I have understood the difference between right and wrong. She says I have thought gold as brass and brass as gold, but I was wrong, and says she is with Nityam. She goes. Nutan tells Sonam that I tried to make you understand, but you left relations and was greedy for money, and tells that your hatred snatched everything from you.

Raksham hugs Vedika. Vedika says I don’t know what to say. She says Mahadev’s blessings shall be on you both and my blessings too. She says I have left Nityam once, and can’t leave him again and can’t stay away from him now. She says I tried to make you understand, but you didn’t understand. She asks Raksham and Sonam to take care and leaves. They see Chauhan and Sons board thrown on the road.

Later at Goel house, Saavi tells Nityam that she agree that Sonam and Raksham have done wrong with us, and says if we do the same thing then what will be difference between them and us. Nityam says I will not help them and asks her not to expect anything from him. Nutan says Raksham is your brother. Vedika says my heart breaks because of them. Saavi says they are on road. Nityam says I was on road because of them.

Raksham and Sonam come to the snacks stall. He asks if you will have kachori. Sonam asks seriously and says I don’t want to have it. She says your father went to his basti, but where we will go so late in night. Raksham says we shall check in that hotel. Sonam says it is cheap hotel. Raksham asks him to come. Nityam tells that he regarded Raksham more than his elder brother and Sonam was his best friend, but what they have done, you have forgotten so soon, Saavi. He tells Brijesh and Nutan that they got Saavi married to him with so many hopes Saavi will be happy, and because of Raksham and Sonam, I couldn’t keep my promise. He says bholenath has settle the scores with them and snatched everything from them.

Raksham and Sonam come to the hotel. Raksham says he wants a room. The receptionist asks him for his details. Raksham says Raksham Chauhan and Sonam chauhan. The receptionist asks him to do payment. Raksham gives his cards, but all of them are blocked. Sonam says why it is not working. Raksham says it seems Barjatya got our cards blocked like we did with Nityam. Sonam asks receptionist to take her watch and give them room, and says it is branded and costly. The receptionist refuses to give them room without payment. Sonam shouts at him and says she can buy all his property and will sue him. Raksham takes Sonam from there.

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Nityam says if you all think that I am wrong, then I will leave from here, if you want then you can support them. Ratna says why you will leave, and tells that Nityam has taken the right decision. She says Raksham and Sonam will not come here. Saavi says how to forget that they are the part of the family. Nityam says I will not stop you, but will end all relations with the persons helping them, even if she is Saavi. He recalls Raksham giving him the coin by cooking up a fake story. He recalls how Sonam and Raksham are thrown out. He calls someone and says Nityam Dalmia is talking. Saavi thinks Nityam is even now angry.

In the morning, Raksham comes to the office with Sonam and says they are in bad condition, they couldn’t sleep or eat anything and has understood what it means to become homeless. Barjatya asks what you was saying? Sonam steals biscuits. Raksham says we have done mistake. Barjatya asks Sonam if she wants to say anything. Sonam says we didn’t eat anything, and my skin is tanned and I didn’t do make up also. Barjatya says you should have thought this before misbehaving with me. Mr. Sikand says you should have behaved well, then Barjatya wouldn’t have done this. Barjatya tells that his ego is hurt and before doing anything, he has to seek his partner’s permission and calls Nityam there. Nityam comes there looking at one rupee coin, and asks Raksham if he has identified it. He reminds him that it is the same coin, which you have given me to snatch my everything from me. He says I am in my office again, and I am the new partner now. He says I got my everything fine and has fulfilled my promise. He tells Barjatya that they shall get the photo clicked for the proofs that I didn’t snatch the company, but has got it legally. He asks Razzak to click photo also.

Barjatya and Razzak take the photos, while Nityam is holding the coin in his hand and pose with Sonam and Raksham. He then sits on the chair. Barjatya asks if they are happy now, and asks them to leave else he will call the security. He asks them not to look at the company again. Sonam asks Raksham to come. Barjatya calls Security and asks them to check Raksham and Sonam, and says if they have stolen something. The security finds biscuits with Sonam. The board of directors laugh at them. Sonam says I was hungry so….Nityam recalls Raksham insulting him, but signs Barjatya to let them go. Sonam and Raksham go from there. Barjatya says Raksham and Sonam have drown the company and tells Nityam that the investors are ready to invest hearing his name. Nityam says he is back.

Precap: Sonam tells Raksham that she is hungry. They hide their faces to have free food. They see Saavi and are about to leave, when Saavi stops Raksham. Vedika says you both are here. Sonam says they were hungry. Nityam comes there.