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Suhaagan 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Payal telling that she will tell Krish. Bindiya says she will handle this matter. The goon calls Payal and says congrats for the new phone. Payal asks how do you know and asks him not to be smart and gives her phone to her for his betterment. He says you are thinking about my betterment and asks her to bring 5 lakhs Rs and take her phone. Payal calls him greedy and says from where to bring the money. The goon threatens to make her video viral. Bindiya takes the call and says I will give you 5 lakhs Rs. The goon gives her time till morning. Bindiya says I have to arrange money. Payal says I told that I will handle and you wanted to interfere. Bindiya says the house respect was about to ruin because of you. Payal asks her to go. She says she will arrange the money and takes her jewellery out from the cupboard. Bindiya says it seems that you have brought it from Chirayya. Payal says it is my wish, if I wear it or not? Bindiya says I will not let you sell the ancestral jewellery? Payal says you don’t want me to get the mobile, as you want my video to be viral and want me to be humiliated. Bindiya says my aim is big, and says it is to save a woman’s respect and my family’s respect too. Payal says let me take my jewellery to sell it. Bindiya asks her not to be stubborn and says she will arrange, and goes. Payal acts to be worried.

Krish gets call from Chopra and says he will reach on time. Bindiya mortgages the farm and gets 5 lakhs Rs from the money lender. Payal is about to take the money, but Bindiya takes it. Payal asks her not to hope that she will leave Krish for her, and tells that you are helping me with your wish. Bindia says I don’t have any hopes with you, and tells that I don’t expect you to give me water if I am dying. They sit on the scooty. Krish calls Payal. Payal sees his call, but doesn’t pick the call. Krish asks Sakshi if she saw Payal? Sakshi says even Bindiya is not at home. Payal tells Bindiya that the blackmailer didn’t message yet. She gets the location and asks Bindiya to ride.

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Krish tells Indu that Chopra got special hearing today, and asked me to reach court. Baldev asks why? Indu says it is good. Baldev says did you inform lawyer. Krish says no, and tells that his lawyer will tell her. Baldev says I will inform her. Payal gives directions to Bindiya. Krish is on the way to court and follow the directions. Payal asks bindiya to stop, as blackmailer called. The blackmailer asks her to give 20 Rs to balloon seller and buy red balloon. He asks her not to show any smartness. Payal says ok. They come to the balloon seller. Krish is standing there. Bindiya sees him and takes the turn. Payal asks if you are playing game with me. Bindiya asks her the same thing. Payal tells that they shall go back seeing Krish. She says I don’t know how he reached here? She acts and asks what to do now. The blackmailer calls and asks why did you take the turn? Bindiya says she will reach there in 2 mins. Payal acts and tells that she is worried, if he makes the video viral, then? Bindiya asks her to sit. Payal says she will give money to the blackmailer and will take her phone. Bindiya says I will go and bring your phone, as Krishna ji listens to you and not me. Payal acts to hesitate. Bindiya says I will give the money to the blackmailer and asks her to go. Payal acts and thank her and hugs her. Bindiya gets emotional and teary eyes. She comes to the balloon seller and buys red balloon from him. He starts walking and brings her to the blackmailer.

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