Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ambika finds Kesar and Kabir

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Queen couldn’t see Ambika as the beggars are standing on the way, near Ambika’s car. Ambika gives them money and drives off. She reaches Palanpur jungle and thinks wherever kesar is, she will find her. Kesar and Kabir are walking in the jungle. Kabir thinks I wouldn’t have kidnapped you, if Bachchan was not in danger, and you wouldn’t have been stuck in jungle. He apologizes to her. Ambika sees the temple there. Ansh is in the restaurant, and thinks he will expose Moksh infront of her and will fulfill his promise. Aarti meets Moksh and asks if he is fine. Moksh says your Moksh is fine. He recalls telling Moksh asking him that he shall not meet Aarti till the marriage. Kiran tells that he will die if he don’t meet her and hits his head. Moksh asks him to go, but don’t get angry. Fb ends. Kiran tells Aarti that he was posted in war place as he is a doctor, and since then he gets attacks. Ambika prays to God to remind Kesar of her teachings, and says I always taught her what to do, if she gets stuck somewhere. She says she asked her to use smoke so that someone comes for help seeing it.

Kesar remembers Ambika’s teaching and leaves her stuff on the way, and also Kabir’s stuff so that Ambika sees them and reach her. Ansh talks to the waiter and asks him to do as he said. Waiter/friend asks why is he helping a friend? Ansh says he has realized that family support is precious, and Aarti is stuck in a bad situation and her mother is not supporting her. Waiter brings the coffee and spills on Moksh/Kiran. Moksh gets angry and calls waiter. He then thinks it is good that he didn’t let Kiran come here and recalls making him unconscious.

Ambika finds Kesar’s stuff. Kabir tells Kesar that they will come out of this trouble, but how they will face the questions of their family members. Kesar asks what? Kabir says you stayed with me in the jungle all night and says surely Suraj will question you just as you reach home. Kesar says che..I trust Suraj completely and he will never raise question or ask me anything. Suraj thinks once Maa brings Kesar, I will ask Suraj. Ambika sees Kesar and is coming to her, when Kabir pushes Ambika and she falls down. Kabir gets bitten by the poisonous snake. Ambika and Kesar see him fainting and falling down. Kesar shouts Kabir and comes to him. Ambika says we have to take out poison from his body, and asks her to bring the trishul. She asks her to make an incision using trishul so that the poisonous blood comes out. Kesar makes incision and Ambika takes out the poisonous blood. Kesar asks Kabir to open his eyes and cries, asking Ambika to do something.

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Hetal tells Baa that she is sure that Ambika bhabhi will bring Kesar back. Moksh asks Aarti, why she came here from restaurant, and tells that if she thought that he went to beat the waiter. He says he had gone to give him key. Aarti asks him to go from there and says Amma is not at home now. He makes her unconscious and brings his medical box, to take out her blood.

Kabir gains consciousness. Ambika and Kesar make him get up. Just then Queen fires arrow on the tree to stop them, and asks will you go without meeting me, I have come from a far way. He says hello ladies, how are you. He says he is happy to meet Kesar and Ambika for the first time and happy to meet Ambika and Kabir for the last time. He says swear on Kesar. He thanks Ambika for taking care of Kesar. Ambika asks what nonsense and asks how are you? Queen says just like you are Queen of Raj Gaur family, I am Queen of my place. Ambika warns him not to touch her children and hits his hand with trishul. The goon gets angry and throws stone on her head. Ambika faints. Babu holds Kesar and the goons hold Kabir. Kabir hits them and takes the gun, aiming at Queen, asking Kesar to leave from there with Kaki. Queen tells Kesar that Kabir has kidnapped her and took the contract of kidnapping her, for Rs. 50 Lakhs. Kesar is shocked.

Precap: Queen asks Kesar to ask him and say that he didn’t take 50 Lakhs Rs. Kesar asks Kabir to swear on her and say. Kabir is silent.