Suhaagan 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya tries to change Nidhi’s decision

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The Episode starts with Bindiya reaching the hospital and asking about Indu Shukla. She is about to go, when she hears Doctor telling another doctor that the operation is complicated, and Payal shukla can’t become a mother again after this abortion. She says lets go for the operation. Bindiya sees Nidhi taken on the stretcher and tries to talk to her. She says you can’t do this without talking to Jija ji. The ward boy asks her to talk to her relative. Nidhi says who told you that she is my relative and asks him to take her fast. She asks Bindiya to get lost. Pankaj comes there and holds the stretcher.

Doctor checks Indu and says she shall be under observation. He says she is fine. Sakshi asks if we shall go home now. Vikram says no, else she will praise Krish. Sakshi says she will always praise you. Pankaj asks ward boy to let him talk to her and tells that he is her husband. He confronts Nidhi for not telling him about her pregnancy. He says I was sure that you will not abort this child, but. Nidhi says nobody can stop me from getting this baby aborted. Bindiya asks her not to do this mistake and says I heard Doctor saying that you can’t become a mother again. Nidhi says she don’t want to become mother and asks the ward boys to take her. Pankaj pleads infront of her, not to abort the baby. He tells that he will leave his parents and their home and will shift with her to a new house. She says she will not believe him and asks the ward boys to take her to OT.

Bindiya tells Pankaj that she can understand his pain She asks him to stop Nidhi from aborting the child. Pankaj says I will call everyone here and will tell about Payal and Nidhi’s conspiracy. Bindiya stops him and says we can’t sacrifice Nidhi to expose Payal. She says if we call everyone here, then Nidhi will fall down in everyone’s sight and might take any extreme step. She says even if she gives birth to baby, then also may be her motherly love will die. Baldev comes there and tells that he heard everything. He says he doesn’t know why Nidhi has done this, and asks him not to take any decision in a hurry. Bindiya asks him to talk to Nidhi.

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Baldev calls Nidhi. Nidhi’s phone rings. Doctor asks Nidhi, what is this, you have brought phone here in the OT. Nidhi thinks if they told Papa. She goes to side and picks the call. Baldev asks her to talk to Indu and says she was saved from death. Indu says she saw yamraj today and thought she will die. She says her sons was infront of her, but her Gudiya was not with her. She says Krish has saved me. Baldev says both Bindiya and Krish saved her. He asks her to come immediately. Nidhi says she can’t come. Baldev goes to side and talks about motherly love. He says you will understand it when you becomes a mother. Nidhi gets emotional, but ends the call.

Indu says why Nidhi is not coming and says it is strange. Payal whispers you are strange budiya, I had planned this for Bindiya, but you came in between. Sakshi says you took Bindiya’s name. Payal says no and tells that she was saying, why Nidhi didn’t come, and says she must be busy eating food.

Nidhi comes back to the OT. Doctor says you can’t roam here and there, now we will give you anesthesia. Pankaj tells Nidhi that if she aborts the baby then will lose her husband also. He gives his ring to her. Nidhi says its ok for her. Bindiya comes there. Nidhi comes there and tells that she also came here. Bindiya says I have come here to take Jija ji from here. She says Nidhi Didi couldn’t become a good daughter, sister, wife and bahu. She says even if she becomes a mother then also she will not become a good mother, it is good that this baby will die. Nidhi says illiterate girl, go and handle your relation. Bindiya says how can I leave, now I have to talk to someone else. Bindiya keeps her hand on Nidhi’s abdomen and asks how are you babu, and says how can you fight with your mother who wants to kill you. Nidhi pushes her. Bindiya keeps her hand on her abdomen again and says just now you started taking breath and your tiny heart started beating. She asks him to tell god when he meets him, that people taunts the women who couldn’t become the mother, and asks him why he chose such woman who want to kill her own baby. Nidhi asks Bindiya if you are done, get lost.

Episode ends