Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi ruins Malishka’s evil plan against Lakshmi


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The Episode starts with Neighbor Surekha telling Lakshmi if she has really gone mad. Sonia says she is already mad. Rishi asks her to shut up and tells Surekha that Lakshmi didn’t have intention to hurt Guddi. He says she saw Guddi playing with cracker and did the same thing. Surekha asks him if he will call her daughter mad. She asks Guddi to come. Guddi says she wants to play. Surekha asks if she has come to die here. Rishi asks what you are saying. Malishka tells Sonal to make Surekha hear that Lakshmi shall be in mental asylum, but for that police complaint is needed and asks who will do it. Surekha hears her and goes. Sonal tells Malishka that she knows why she said this. They smiles. Karishma blames Lakshmi. Dadi asks her to accept Lakshmi and have icecream to calm down her mind.

Rishi and Lakshmi are playing with cracker. Malishka sees the cracker thread coming out and tells Sonal. Sonal says if anyone sees it, then your plan will fail. Malishka asks her to go and stand with Lakshmi. She says I will come behind her and will hide it. Sonal distracts Lakshmi, while Malishka tears the cracker thread which is visible. They go from there. Sonia comes there and lights rocket to harm Lakshmi. Virender shouts to alert Rishi. Rishi saves Lakshmi. Virender says now they shall burn the cracker later. Lakshmi insists to burn the crackers. Sonal says Rishi is with Lakshmi and that their plan might fail. She says you made me do some work. Malishka says I will not let your hardwork ruin. Lakshmi falls down while playing with cracker, and Rishi saves her again as phooljadi was about to fall on her. Dadi asks if she is fine. Lakshmi says yes. Dadi tells that they shall burst the cracker later on. Malishka says what the hell, and says Rishi should have burn cracker with me. She says I thought to take her advantage. Sonal says you have to do something carefully. Shalu asks Lakshmi to agree to Jiju. Lakshmi says you are not my sister, don’t call me Di, for asking me not to burn the crackers. Virender says its ok Maa, let her burn cracker for some more time. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she needs prize. He says I will give to you. Lakshmi asks him to bring it and says when he brings it, she will show something to him.

Virender tells Dadi that they shall do something. Malishka says they can’t go inside. Sonal says if anything happens to Lakshmi then you will be trapped too. Malishka says she will set her life. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come to Lakshmi, and asks her to come. Lakshmi says Minto will give me the prize and asks her to go. Shalu says di don’t regard us as sister. Ayush says she don’t regard me as her brother in law. Bani says she had regarded us as sister that day. Malishka lights the match stick and throws at the crackers table. The crackers catch fire and starts bursting. Rishi, Ayush, Shalu and Bani get shocked. Rishi sees Lakshmi’s dupatta catching fire and asks her to stop, but she runs and comes out. Rishi gives his swear and asks her to stop. Her dupatta falls down and Rishi sees crackers wrapped on her body. All the crackers are bursting. Rishi asks Ayush to throw water on it. He takes off the crackers rope from her body. Police reaches there with hospital staff. Lakshmi says I didn’t get scared, I will save you now. Karishma asks how you will save, the mentally ill girl She says if she was inside the house.

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Doctor tells Inspector that the girl is mad and seriously ill. Inspector says who wraps crackers on her body. Lakshmi says she wanted to get the prize. Rishi asks her to tell. Lakshmi says you scolds me. Karishma says she has done this, and saying this. Virender says surely someone asked her to do this. Rishi asks her to say clearly, what prize she wants. Lakshmi starts crying and says even you are scolding me, I don’t want to talk. Rishi says sorry and says I will not scold you. Malishka says now she will not tell anyone. Rishi asks Bani to bring Lakshmi’s prize. Bani brings it. Rishi gives the box to Lakshmi and asks who asked you to wear these crackers. The Inspector tells that they got a complaint that a mad person stays here. Virender asks Inspector and Doctor to come with him. Karishma asks who did the complain? Neelam says whoever has done this, has done right. Lakshmi says she has told me and points finger at Sonia.

Precap: Lakshmi says not her (Sonia) but her (Malishka) and points finger at her. Ayush says I knew it. Doctor tells that they will take her to mental asylum. Inspector says you can’t keep her at home. Neelam says they are trained, let them take her. While they were taking Lakshmi, Rishi tries to stop them, but they hold him. Malishka and Sonal smiles.