Suhaagan 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal’s conspiracy to snatch Krish

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Suhaagan 26th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bindiya bringing the girls for the kanjak puja. Vikram and Sakshi like the silence at home and relax, when they hear Bindiya bringing the girls and boy for the Kanjak puja. Baldev says jai mata di. The girls tell that the house is Palace and Didi is generous queen. Sakshi asks from where you got these Vanar sena? Bindiya says they are kanjak girls and this boy is Bhairav’s avatar. Indu says we should have called our colony kids. Nidhi says don’t know from where she has brought the poor children home. Bindiya tells that she is seeing Mata’s avatar in these kids and asks how can Mata’s avatar be poor. Baldev asks them to have devotion and then see. He tells Bindiya that he is proud of her.

Krish asks Chopra what happened, and says you said that you will get my divorce done in 1 hearing. Chopra tells that he didn’t get the court date yet. Krish says I have given you, much money than you demanded. Chopra says I will see what to do? Payal hears them and tells that Chopra is useless. Krish asks what I can do if chopra couldn’t get the date. Payal tells Krish that his words are of no use, and he is useless. She says you have challenged Bindiya that you will ousted her from the house, etc. Krish breaks something and ask her to search someone who is worthy of her. Krish is leaving to go somewhere. Payal comes to the DJ who will play the bhajans, and asks him to do her work and offers double money. The girls stop Krish and asks him to stay back for puja. Bindiya says your wish will be fulfilled. Bindiya and Krish wash the girl’s feet and make them have food. He then plays with the kids. Bindiya says he is the real Krishna. Bindiya says we have to save him from the evil.

Krish sees Bindiya smiling and goes from there. Later the DJ plays the laila song while bindiya waits for him to play mata ki chowki bhajan. The DJ tells Bindiya that he is booked for Kitty party and not Mata ki Chowki. Indu scolds Sakshi and asks if she has called DJ for the kitty party. Sakshi says she didn’t hire it. Baldev says then who did it. Payal says I thought you will be bored with the puja paath, so I kept retro theme kitty party. Baldev asks with what right? They hear Indu’s friends coming. Baldev asks Indu to keep party some other day, and tells that Chirayya ladies will be coming. Indu refuses to send her friends. She says they have come, so I can’t send them off. She says Mata ki chowki is not kept asking me, and says Kitty party will happen. Payal smiles and goes to Indu. Baldev says Mata ki chowki will happen, and nobody can stop it. Bindiya goes to Baldev and thinks Payal is doing this deliberately.

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Chirayya ladies and Indu’s friends come to Shukla house. They argue that they have come for the kitty party and mata ki chowki respectively. Baldev says today Mata ki chowki will happen. Indu says kitty party. Dadi says we will go back home. Baldev asks them to go after Mata ki Chowki completes. Payal signs the DJ to play the song. DJ plays the song DJ wale babu….Indu’s friends asks them to go to Chirayya. Baldev asks Chirayya people to come for mata ki chowki. He asks Bindiya, how it will happen. Bindiya whistles and sends the call inside. Baldev appreciates her.

Indu’s friend asks until when Nidhi is here, we can play get together before she goes. Payal says we will do it and asks them to try the chocolate dish. She asks Indu to get ready. Indu asks Payal to come with her and scolds her, asking why did she keep the party without asking her? She asks who gave you this right and says even the leaf moves in this house with my permission, and warns her not to do this alone. Payal says ok. Indu goes. Payal says this old lady doesn’t know that I am so bad, and says once I am successful in my plan, I will show my real color to her. She says she kept the party to distract the people and everyone, so that they get busy in mata ki chowki and party, and Krish is busy with her.

Precap: Payal says kitty dhar and chowki dhar are busy, and says now she will execute her plan. She tries to woo Krish and dances with him sensually.