Radha Mohan 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to kidnap Gungun


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Mohan is shocked to see that Radha is trapped in the water, he signals her to look behind her and even demands that the person should leave her. Mohan runs out of the house and immediately jumps into the ocean without even thinking for a single moment, the person tries to catch Radha once again when she tries to swim away, he is still holding the knife in his hand to kill Radha who starts calling for help. Mohan suddenly jumps out of the water, the person gets shocked seeing Mohan so he leaves Radha and starts attacking Mohan with the knife but Mohan manages to catch his after which he starts punching him, Mohan then starts drowning the contract killer, Radha is also trying her best to stay afloat in the ocean while Mohan just keeps beating the contract killer, he notices that Radha is struggling so he quickly swims over to her, they both hug each other. Mohan helps Radha come out of the ocean where they remove the life jacket, the contract killer also jumps out of the water and starts following them both with the knife, he starts running quickly over to Mohan but are shocked to see that Kunal has caught the knife with his hand, he angrily interferes and starts beating the contract killer, after which he holds him by his neck trying to suffocate him. The security personal also arrive but stop seeing Kunal constantly fighting with him, Kunal pushes the contract killer towards the security instructing him to get him arrested as they need to get to the bottom of it all. Radha immediately asks Mohan if he is fine but she questions had he not gotten hurt but Mohan replies he is fine.

Radha hugs him after getting emotional. Kunal sees the love of them both, he mentions that Radha is so much worried about Mohan but did not even see the injury in his hand. Kunal calls Mohan asking what is going on here, Mohan says this is what he wanted to ask him that the contract killer was trying to kill his wife but him and the security did not know anything, Kunal replies that he has been holding this competition since the past eight years and there has not been any trouble, they even return the lost belongings. Kunal says they found Radha because of the security camera’s otherwise Radha would have died but she asks him to not say anything like this. Radha says she is very cold seeing which Kunal offers his jacket but Mohan replies that he is enough to take care of his wife, Kunal explains only two hours are left for the final round and he hopes that her dress is ready since they would not be allowed to enter without the proper dress code. Kunal praises Mohan for his luck since he has got such a caring wife when there is no one by his side to even apply the bandage.

Mohan while massaging the hair of Radha mentions he is sure that Damini would be behind it, he exclaims he should not have left her alone but Radha replies she is very tensed, Mohan replies she would be since she just survived the attack but Radha says she is worried about Gungun and feels that something is wrong, Mohan however replies Gungun would surely be fine as she is with the entire family.

Kadambari asks the doctor regarding the condition of Gungun, he says she is better at the moment but informs they have to perform the third operation very soon to which Kadambari agrees, however he reveals that it will be very risky and he suggests they should call the parents of the child. Kadambari agrees to call them right away but Gungun calls her Grandmother, Kadambari asks if she has to say anything when Gungun requests her to not tell Ramaa and her father otherwise they would leave the competition and return, she knows the third operation would also happen just like the second one so there is no need to be worried about, Gungun is sure that nothing would happen to her but her Ramaa and papa really need to win this competition, Gungun once again requests them to not call her parents, Kadambari exclaims their Gungun has gotten very sencible, she asks Gungun to not talk a lot and cover her mouth with the oxygen mask. Kadmabari gets the call from Radha and informs Gungun, who immediately says that no one is going to cry so they all wipe off the tears. Gungun asks Kadmabari to answer the call, Radha asks Gungun if she is fine and nothing happened to her, Gungun says that Ramaa has asked this question the third tie but she is fine, Radha says she is worried, Gungun repeats the same sentences that Radha would say, and informs that ti is the habit of Radha to worry for her. Kadambari smiles saying she is very mischievous.

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Damini is walking exclaiming would she die or not, she is shocked to see Mohan who pushes her against the tree questioning how did she dare think of murdering his wife, he threatens he would kill Damini right now when she asks if he has lost his mind but Damini replies that he always blames her whenever something happens to Radha, Mohan mentions she was trying to purposefully stop him so her hired criminal can kill Radha and was waiting for her death, he says that till Mohan is alive nothing can happen to Radha. Damini requests Mohan to let go of her as she is in a lot of pain, he replies he can kill her right now but is not like her, he however threatens to cross all the limits if anything happens to Radha saying he will make her suffer before dying. Mohan mentions it is not a threat but his promise to her, he leaves after pushing her away. Damini exclaims she died the same day he fell in love with Radha but now it is time to kill and now if not Radha then Gungun would surely die.

Tulsi mentions that Radha should be worried as she is a mother but she is glad that Radha is fine since when Gungun was constantly taking her name then she felt worried. Gungun asks Radha what is she going to do regarding the dress, Radha asks Gungun to not be worried as her dress is ready and she must not be worried about her father, Radha is not able to see Mohan so wonders if he is going to do something wrong, Radha decides to search for Mohan jee and so ends the call, kadambari asks Gungun to quickly place the oxygen mask.

Radha is rushing when Kunal stops her asking if the girl she was talking to is her daughter, Radha agrees when Kunal says she is very young, Radha mentions Gungun is the child from the first marriage of Mohan jee so Kunal says that this means she is her step mother, Radha says she really loves her Gungun and is her mother so asks if she can leave when Kunal agrees, he says he has never seen a step mother love her step daughter so much but he does not love anyone beside himself, and is not able to find anyone worth loving.

Radha is searching for Mohan and she scared him, she says who would say that he just fought a contract killer. Mohan mentions he is very worried but Radha replies she is fine and noting happened to her, Mohan talks about Damini but Radha asks him to stop, she asks if he did what he asked him to do, Mohan pulls her closer but she asks she meant the thread and needle, Radha suggests Mohan should only focus on the competition as they only have two hours to prepare for the competition.

Kaveri asks Damini if Radha died when Damini replies that Mohan saved her at the last moment and is even suspicious that she was involved in it all. Damini explains that now they are going to target Gungun since she is in India, Damini suggests Kaveri should go to the hospital and divert the attention of the Trivedi family giving Mohit and Bhushan uncle the opportunity to kidnap Gungun because then she will make a deal with Radha and Mohan. Kaveri asks what would she ask from them when they do not have any money, Damini explains she will demand that Radha and Mohan should withdraw their name from the competition, Kaveri replies she does not know how they will do it as the entire Trivedi family is waiting for them but Damini informs she must surely kidnap Gungun, Kaveri questions what if she dies, Damini replies it will be even better for them as then both Radha and Mohan would have to return quickly hearing which Kaveri starts smiling so agrees that she will do it. Damini thinks that she will never let Radha and Mohan win this competition, she is furious.