Suhaagan 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Indu asking Baldev if he remembers Krish’s stuff. He says yes. Sakshi asks what is all these stuff? Indu says I have kept Krish’s stuff for his son and tells Vikram that she has kept even his stuff, but Sakshi didn’t give them a chance. She asks Baldev to call the interior decorator, for baby’s room. Payal and Krish come home. Indu asks if the baby is fine? Payal asks her to ask Bindiya. Bindiya comes there. Krish tells them everything. Everyone is shocked. Krish says this is real Bindiya, and infact liar Bindiya. He says she is innocent by face and betrayal from inside. He says whenever I trusted her, she has slammed my trust. She says she had lied many times, but we never doubted her. Baldev asks what happened? Krish tells that bindiya has crossed her limits and says since you came to know that Bindiya has lost her memory, you are blaming yourself and me, and says she was pretending to feign memory loss. Baldev is shocked. Bindiya says this is not full truth. Indu asks her if she was acting to have a memory loss. Bindiya says yes, but I wanted to bring a big truth infront of you all. She says not Payal, but Nidhi is pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Pankaj gets shocked too. Payal says you are saying this since the hospital and says if your theft is caught then it doesn’t mean that you will make others as thieves. She shows the medical proof of her name and says Krish went with me for ultrasound, and says how many proofs shall I give you. Indu says you don’t need to give proofs and says Bindiya was acting to be suhaagan, but God gave you the boon to become his baby’s mother. She asks Bindiya to leave. Nidhi asks if I was pregnant then why would I have lied? She says if I need to do test now, and says Mummy sent me with Payal. Indu asks if Bindiya is judge that everyone will give her proof.

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Bindiya says I will prove who is truthful and who is liar? She brings the raw papaya and says if the pregnant woman eats it, then she will have miscarriage, and asks Nidhi, if she will eat it. Payal gets worried. Bindiya says today you heard your baby breathing and felt his heart beat too, and says if I am lying then eat this fruit. Payal thinks Nidhi might ruin her plan. Nidhi refuses to eat it, and tells that her thought is wrong like her. She says infact pineapple is my favorite fruit and I will definitely eat it. Bindiya makes the plate fall down. Nidhi asks what is this misbehavior? Bindiya tells that she saved her innocent baby growing in her womb and asks why you are playing with destiny. Indu gets angry and slaps Bindiya.

She asks Bindiya to stop her lecture and take her lie pot and leave from her house. Bindiya is teary eyes. She asks Babu ji if he trusts her and says it is all Pallu’s conspiracy. Baldev turns his face. Bindiya asks him to say. Pankaj asks Baldev to forgive Bindiya. Baldev says he has been cursing himself since he came to know about her memory loss and says the Bindiya, I know doesn’t know lie or cheat, and she was selfless like a devi. Bindiya holds his feet and says you are my last hope, don’t say this. Pankaj goes to Nidhi. Bindiya feels lonely. She gets up and sees everyone together and she is herself alone. Payal says you are seeing her true face now, but I have become her victim since my childhood. She tells that I have sacrificed my love for her, and she tried all means to snatch him from me. She tells Indu that Bindiya doesn’t love Krish, but he is just her stubbornness and says she is scared of her and worries that she will harm her. She says I am very afraid and can’t stay with her. Indu says Bindiya can’t stay here even for a minute.

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