Udaariyaan 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Aasma run away from the police


Udaariyaan 25th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan and Aasma hiding from the police. Jordan asks how did the police come here, leave now. Armaan makes a waiter drop the drink over the inspector. Armaan and Aasma leave. Armaan gets Rano’s call. Rano asks how are you and Aasma, is Aasma with you. He says yes, we are fine. She says you know police got Kabir’s dead body in our house and they got Aasma’s pic holding a knife, just come home, we are worried for you. He says fine, I will call you later. He ends call. He asks Aasma to come.

Jordan plays music. Alia, Armaan and Aasma worry. Alia argues with them. She says Aasma killed Kabir and we got trapped. Aasma says I didn’t kill Kabir, I have some questions for Jordan. She asks Jordan why did you go to meet your servant. Jordan says I called him to know the truth, he got the pendant in the car dickey and he worn it, you are blaming me, its so dumb. She recalls Kabir’s words.

She looks at Alia. She says I called Alia and asked her to meet at temple, mom called me and then Kabir called me, he asked me if Alia left or not, then we both reached Kabir’s house and saw the body, where was Alia. Alia says I was at my home, I don’t know why are you doubting me again and again, if I had did the murder, then would I find the body. Aasma says I don’t believe you. Jordan says amazing, something is burning, but nothing is cooking, what’s going on between you three. Alia says you switch off your guitar. He says okay. They hear the police siren. Jaggi says I delivered the car to this house. Ekam asks constables to search the house.

Ekam checks a tea cup and says it means they were here, they would have not gone much far. Armaan, Jordan, Aasma and Alia run and hide from the police. Aasma says I will surrender, how long will we run. Armaan says no. Alia says she is right. Armaan says shut up.

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He says Aasma, I won’t let you suffer. Alia throws a stone away. Ekam asks them to the staff and check. Ekam sees them. He asks Armaan to stop, he can’t run away. He asks staff to catch them. Armaan gets into some house and locks the door. Police comes there.

Ekam says no use to hide, police has surrounded you, come out, Armaan. Jordan asks Alia is there any affair with Armaan, who are you, his wife is Aasma. Alia says mind your own business. Ekam asks Aasma to come out. Aasma cries. Ekam says I have proof against you, surrender to the police. Armaan sees Aasma going to get hurt and saves her. He bears the pain. Aasma hugs Armaan. Ekam says come out. Armaan asks Aasma not to lose courage. Police leaves. Jordan says police would be outside, we will stay at some hotel to spend the night, come. Armaan asks Aasma to come. They leave.

Jordan says we will rest here for some time. Armaan asks what did you do. Jordan says I didn’t do anything. Alia scolds Armaan. He says Jordan is helping us. Armaan says he is fooling us. Jordan asks who can fool you, your wife is so smart. Armaan beats him. They both fight. Aasma stops Armaan. She picks Armaan’s phone.

She goes and calls Ekam. Armaan calls out Aasma. She comes. He says I know how things got spoiled, its okay, I will make everything fine. She sees his wound. She cares for him. Alia gets angry seeing them. Aasma says we don’t have much time. He says we will go. She says not now, I want to live entire life in this small life. She thinks forgive me Armaan, I took a big step.

The episode ends.