Suhaagan 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Bindiya’s scared reaction shocks Krish

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The Episode starts with Bindiya going to the storeroom bathroom and washing her face. Payal comes to Samay’s room and sits on the sofa. She asks where did you go? He says he came back to room. Payal comes near him. Samay asks if Krish said something. Payal asks if you saw something and asks why you didn’t shave till now. He says water is not coming. Payal asks him to go to storeroom bathroom and says water comes there. She asks him not to tell Krish else he will get upset with her. Samay says you have soft corner for me. He goes. Payal thinks soft corner, my foot.

Vikram says he is yearning for water. Sakshi comes there and asks him to apply deo and change his clothes. He says she is smart. Bindiya cleans her clothes, but her body is still sticky. She thinks to take a bath and tries to remove her clothes. The door is slightly open. Samay and Krish are coming there. Krish argues with Samay and runs inside the bathroom before Samay could run. Payal gets shocked to see Krish going inside. Bindiya sees Krish coming to the bathroom and locking the door. She gets shocked and covers her shoulder with her hands. She is scared and tries to zip her dress, and covers herself with dupatta. She asks why did he come here? Krish asks who keeps the bathroom door open. He says he doesn’t want to see her. Bindiya asks him to go. Krish tries to open the door, but Bindiya tells that she will open and she tries opening the door. She knocks on the door, calling for help and says she is stuck inside. Samay is shocked and calls Bindiya. Payal thinks Samay should have been locked with Bindiya, but instead Krish got locked. Krish asks Bindiya to move and holds her hand to move her back, but she steps on the soap and slips. Krish holds her. The shower tap opens and the water falls on them. They look at each other. Bindiya recalls Krish forcing himself on her, and gets scared. She asks Krish, how dare she to come near her, and knocks on the door asking them to save her. She panics and says open the door, save me. Everyone comes there. Sakshi says they are in the washroom locked. Indu taunts Sakshi. Amma tells Bindiya that they are all outside. Bindiya panics and says save me. Krish looks shocked. Samay says he will break the door and pushes it. The door opens. They see Krish and Bindiya standing. Bindiya comes out of the bathroom scared, runs to Amma and hugs her. Krish is shocked. Amma asks Nidhi to take Bindiya to room. Samay, Shanti and others look shocked. Samay grabs Krish’s collar and asks what did you do with Bindiya ji? Krish asks him not to think as himself, and asks him to go and ask Bindiya. Indu asks Samay not to accuse Krish. She asks why Bindiya didn’t close the bathroom. Sapna tells that the door had the problem and says once it is closed and it doesn’t open. She says Payal told me, but Sakshi called me. Payal scolds Sapna. Samay realizes that it was Payal’s conspiracy. Payal takes Krish from there.

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Nidhi gives water to Bindiya and dries her hair. She asks her not to worry and says he was Krish and he is your husband still. Krish tells Pankaj that Bindiya was so scared of him as if she saw the monster. He says since when she got so much fear for me. Bindiya tells Nidhi that since that day, she sees monster in him, and the God’s idol which she used to saw has broken. Pankaj tells Krish that the image which Bindiya had in her heart is broken. Nidhi says whatever Krish has done with you, even a sin word is small infront of it, and tells that he gets provoked by anyone easily. She says I am saying truth, don’t think him wrong, don’t think him bad, that as if his goodness has no value. Bindiya recalls Krish taking care of her many times, saving her respect and saving her life many times.

Pankaj asks Krish to wipe the bad image of himself from Bindiyas heart. Bindiya comes to Krish. She sees his hair wet and wipes his hair. Krish gets emotional. He says you are worried for me and couldn’t bear worry on my face. It turns out to be his imagination. He hears Samay saying water has come. He thinks why he is seeing Bindiya at all places.

Precap: Krish tells Bindiya that when he is happy then he calls Payal, but when he feels pain then why does he take her name. Bindiya says stop it. Krish says I asked you to go away from me thousand times, but when you went away from me then why my heart is not ready to accept. He asks why? Payal looks shocked. Indu looks on. Samay, Amma and Babu ji get happy.