Parineeti 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Madhurika drugs Sanju for her gain

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Scene 1

Alluwali welcomes everyone to the party and the auction starts for the hotel that Sanju and Pari worked on. The hotel was sold for 500 crores. Alluwalia says lets start the party now. Madhurika eyes Sanju up. Shelly notices that and asks Sanju about it but he says he will ignore it as the project will end after tonight.

Alluwalia and Madhurika dance together. Then Madhurika dances with Sanju closely. He leaves from there after the party, she goes behind them. Neeti is angry seeing all that and says now I have to deal with this Madhurika, she was flirting with him and Pari couldn’t even say anything. She shouldn’t have tried to flirt with my Sanju.

Madhurika goes to Sanju and acts drunk, she asks if he can take her to the room as she can’t walk. He says sure and takes her. He tries to leave the room but she pulls him closer and asks if he like her? He says this is wrong, you are drunk so leave me alone, he pushes her away and says have some shame. Madhurika says how dare you shout at me? Sanju angrily leaves.

Pari is looking around for Sanju, Neeti comes there and asks about him. Pari says I don’t know where he is. Neeti says you should control him, didn’t you see how he was flirting with other girls? Pari says I trust him completely. Neeti says I don’t want to hear anything. You are his wife so you should have controlled him, I don’t like anyone flirting with your husband. Pari says why are you getting riled up? Neeti angrily leaves. Shelly sees all that.

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Madhurika goes behind Sanju, he says have some shame. She says I was drunk so I couldn’t control myself. She coughs so he goes to get water for her. The servant follows them. Madhurika asks for medicine so Sanju goes to get it. Madhurika mixes something in the water and offers it to Sanju. He says I don’t need it. She says if you take it then I will think you forgave me. Sanju drinks it and gets dizzy. He starts to leave but Madhurika pulls him back and throws him on the bed, he says you mixed something in the water, please let me go.

Pari gets Chandrika’s call, she says Neeti got angry as a girl was flirting with Sanju. I feel bad that we are hiding about Neeti’s marriage with Sanju. Chandrika says stop all this, you married Sanju first and Neeti has no right on him, don’t play with Sanju’s life, you have full rights on him and even if you leave Sanju, he would never marry Neeti now. He loves you only, please don’t play with Sanju for Neeti again. Pari says you are right and ends the call.

Sanju is trying to leave the room but Madhurika takes off his jacket. She says you have the guts to reject me, I like you so much that I am leaving my shame and everything for me. She pulls him on the bed, Sanju is dizzy and asks why is she doing all this? She says if I let you go now then you will tell everyone what happened between us but now I will go to them and tell them what I want to.

The episode ends.