Suhaagan 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 17th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Birju and Payal attack Bindiya and Krishna. In spite of Bindiya’s poor condition, Payal and Birju both try to harm her baby, Birju starts beating Krishna vehemently, finally Krishna defeats him and throws him towards the danger. Birju is about to lose his life.

Slowly, Krishna comes to Bindiya and takes her into his lap. In spite of having his own injury, Krishna takes her to the car. Krishna requests her to keep the patience, very soon they will to the hospital. But in the midst of the way, Bindiya feels very weak and loses her sense gradually. Krishna tries to keep her awake. But Bindiya couldn’t able keep her eyes open. Bindiya is motivated by Krishna to fight until the last but Krishna himself also feels very weak. Suddenly Bindiya wakes up and asks Krishna to drive nthe car safely. Finally they reach to the city hospital.

Drawing other’s attention, Krishna and Bindiya call the nurse and doctors. Gradually, they both are admitted in the same hospital. Shukla family members also reach to the hospital. They feel devastated when they find out the injured bodies of Krishna and Bindiya. The doctors keep both of them in the same operation theatre. In the midst of the operation, Bindiya notices that her husband has been lying beside her. She gets the courage and tries to push the baby. But then gradually, Bindiya starts pushing the baby. But it fails to come out, the doctor motivate her to do the best. After many struggles, Bindiya finally gives the birth of her baby.

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After a while, Krishna also wakes from the unconsciousness. Bindiya becomes totally emotional seeing Krishna safe. She happily informs him that she has safely given the birth of the child. Getting the news, the whole Shukla house, they are over the moon, they warmly welcome the girl child of Bindiya and Krishna. The parents of the baby start planning about her future.

After few days, Krishna and Bindiya are discharged from the hospital. The whole house get prepared to welcome the baby and her parents. Suddenly, the Indu feels an ominous sign when she prepares herself to welcome Bindiya and Krishna.

Episode ends.