Krishna Mohini 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Srijila questions Sid that whether he is behind Mohan’s accident. Sid tells her that he is not goon. He asks her to relax because he did nothing. She asks him that whether Krishna know about Mohan. He informs her that Krishna was in the college so Krishna know about Mohan’s accident. He says that Krishna came to the hospital but she left the hospital now. She tells him that she will talk to Kundan and disconnects the call. Ananya asks Srijila that whether Krishna is with Aryaman. Srijila shook her head.

Anuradha announces that Mohan can’t participate in this fashion show because of his accident. She asks everyone to pray for Mohan. Then she asks Judges to tell the result. Krishna requests them to stop. Anuradha wonders who is wearing Mohan’s designed outfit. Everyone wonders who is inside the cage. Krishna turns around and everyone gets shocked seeing Krishna. Rajshri asks what Krishna is doing there. Ananya says that Mohan and Krishna always does drama.

Krishna speaks Mohan’s speech and she comes out of the cage. Anuradha smiles seeing all this. Judges and others claps for Krishna. Srijila calls Sid and tells everything to him. Sid watches the live stream of the fashion show. He thinks that his plan won’t work if Krishna support Mohan then. Aryaman snatches the phone from Sid and watches the live stream.

Krishna says that she came to fulfill Mohan’s dream. She asks why they can’t accept everyone with their identity and why they are differentiating between humans. She asks why pink color for women and blue color for men. She says that pink may look good on men too. Srijila wonders why Krishna is giving so much lecture in this fashion show.

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Krishna tells them that they must be thinking she is speaking a lot. She says that she told Mohan to fit in this society to avoid society’s tantrums. She asks why they should fit in the society when they are humans, and not things. Anuradha smiles hearing this. Krishna says that she told Mohan to just focus on studies but what’s the use of degree when they can’t understand their loved ones. She adds that she decided to support Mohan without caring about what society will say.

Aryaman watches everything on the live stream. He goes to Mohan’s room and shows live stream to Mohan. Krishna tells Mohan that she will help him to fulfill his dream and they will fight together against society. She says that no one and nothing matters for her than Mohan. Aryaman tells Mohan that Krishna is doing modelling for the latter. Sid thinks that Krishna ruined his plan. Mohan gets emotional seeing all this.

Later, Aryaman and Krishna brings Mohan to the house. Piya tells Mohan that everyone praised his design. Aryaman tells Krishna and Mohan to take rest. Mohan tells thanks to Krishna for supporting him. He says that everything will be fine because Krishna is with him. Krishna tells him that just his happiness matters for her. She says that she is ready to fight against world for Mohan. She adds that she think Aryaman won’t understand Mohan. Mohan hope Krishna don’t get separated from Aryaman for supporting him. She tells him that she don’t care about it. She says that she talked to Anuradha for Mohan’s surgery. He gets happy hearing this and hugs her.

Episode ends.