Suhaagan 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

A jeweler and his staff come to Shukla house for Dhanteras. They enter the house with thw jewellery while Bindiya and the Chiraiya people make rangoli outside. Dadi asks Bindiya if eveything is okay between her and Krishna. Bindiya says nothing is okay but they need to focus on the rangoli now. The Shuklas see the jewellery for shopping. Indu likes a necklace seeing which Sakshi says that she must be getting it but Indu says that only the who would give a waris to ghe Shukla parivar would get the jewellery. Suddenly Sakshi’s aunt arrives with her daughter. Sakshi doesn’t like it but still tolerates it.

Sakshi’s aunt starts chatting with Indu so Sakshi asks her tk freshen up first since she must be tired. Indu tells Nidhi that on one side, Sakshi’s family members look so posh and rich on the other side, the Chiraiya people look so downmarket. Payal comes outside and destroys the rangoli made by the Chiraiya people. Dadi asks her if she can tolerate Bindiya’s happiness. Payal creates a drama and says that she has always done a partiality between Payal and Bindiya and has always felt like she is the bad one. She accuses Dadi for all her actions and also for Bindiya’s family problems. Dadi tries to slap her but she resists herself. Bindiya asks Payal to stop her nonsense and says that since childhood she only got Dadi’s hatred and sbe feels ashamed of calling her own Dadi. She says that one who couldn’t become a good mother can never become a good gradmother. Krishna comes and asks Payal to shut up and says that this is not a way to talk to elders and he won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour at all. He asks Dadi to not cry and asks her to go inside and have some rest.

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Nidhi selects all costly jewellery but that are out of Pankaj’s capacity. Pankaj asks her to take the earring of 25k but she refuses. Indu asks Nidhi to take the one that she likes. Krishna asks Payal what is this behavior. She doesn’t listen to it and says that he won’t underatand her feelings because since childhood she has always treated her as the unwanted child in the house. Krishna tries to make her understand that this is not the case but she refuses to listen. He asks Payal to go inside and take the pregnancy test.

As Dadi comes inside, Baldev asks what’s wrong. Bindiya says that dadi just felt a little dizzy. Dadi looks shattered and keeps on crying. She takes Baldev’s leave but Baldev asks her to take rest for sometime. He says that he will drop them home after sometime. Krishna comes inside and asks Dadi how she is feeling. He apologises to Dadi for Payal’s behaviour. Bindiya brings lemonade for Dadi. Payal opens her cuboard to find Nidhi’s pregnancy kit but fails to find the dopatta she kept it. Meanwhile Krishna knocks the door. Payal asks five minutes of privacy from Krishna. He still keeps on knocking beinh very tensed. He decides to break the door but suddenly Indu calls Krishna and Vikram downstairs.

Precap: Krishna tells everyone about Payal’s pregnancy. Everyone gets happy and Bindiya is in shock.