Suhaagan 13th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Indu accepts Bindiya as Krish’s wife

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The Episode starts with Krish coming to Bindiya and taking her closer in his embrace, but she distracts him taking Amma’s name and runs to the room. Krish smiles. Next day, Indu sees Krish exercising and thinking something. She asks if he is happy, if his heart is changing. Krish says he has taken this decision, with all his heart and it will not change now. He says Bindiya is not talking to me like she should talk. Indu asks how? Krish thinks everyone is unromantic. He tells her that Bindiya shall stay with him in his room, but she didnt come to his room yet. Indu says she was fighting for this room and now she didn’t go. She says she knows what to do? Later she calls everyone and asks Bindiya to come. Amma gets worried. Sakshi tells Vikram that Mummy ji will not accept Bindiya, and I will be her favorite bahu. Indu tells Bindiya that Krish has accepted her as his wife, and that’s why she is accepting her as her bahu. Bindiya says really, as I can’t believe my ears. Indu asks her to believe and says there is so much which will surprise you. She says I want to give my bahu, this house responsibility and gives her key chain. Bindiya asks why, you are giving it to me. Indu says you deserve it.

Indu asks Bindiya to become good bahu and no. 1 wife. Bindiya says yes, and says but I can’t take…..Indu asks her shift to her room and handle Babu and this house. Sakshi says I shall get the keys as I am the elder bahu. Indu asks her to tell where is the gas cylinder. Sakshi says under the kitchen slab. Indu says there is no cylinder in the kitchen as we have pipe line gas. She scolds Sakshi and says if I give you keys then you will waste all the money. Vikram defends Sakshi and get scolded by Indu. Krish hugs Indu.

Sakshi comes to the room and messes up the room in anger. Vikram comes there to pacify her. Sakshi says your Mummy has insulted me and told that I will waste all the money in kitty and parlour, as if she doesn’t go there. She says your Mummy is habitual to all those things and insulted me. She blames Vikram and says she didn’t get the keys, respect and money. Vikram says it was just one key chain, I will get 100 keychain for you. Sakshi says it is not just key chain, but the ruler keys. She says she will give a reply to her selfish saas. Vikram asks her not to do anything wrong. Sakshi says I will not back off now. Bindiya tells Indu that she is ready to accept all the responsibilities, but can’t bear the burden of keys, so you only can handle it. She returns the keys and takes her blessings, and says let it be with you. She says she will make tea for them all. Krish calls her, and stops. Amma and Baldev praise her. Indu tells Krish that her plan failed. Samay tells that he knows how frustrating it is and asks Krish to something special for Bindiya.

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Shanti gets a call and says she will tell when the deal is finalized. Samay asks what deal? A guy comes to the goon and gives Krish and Bindiya’s photo with the money bag. The goon says the work will be done.

Indu’s friends come to the party/muh dikhayi and tells her that they are happy that Krish has chosen his wife. Indu smiles. She asks Sakshi to take them. Krish comes and asks Indu, how is he looking? Indu calls him Raja babu. Krish asks where is Bindiya? Indu says she must be getting ready.

Dadi tells that the house is seeing the real happiness. Baldev praises Bindiya. Krish asks him about Bindiya. Baldev says he will come. Krish waits for Bindiya and says he will go and check her. Samay, Nidhi and Pankaj ask him to wait. Bindiya comes on the stage. Krish looks at her.

Episode ends.