Parineeti 13th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Neeti thinks Sanju loves Pari because of the baby

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Scene 1

The family is celebrating the function, Sanju brings breakfast for the family. Pami thanks him for bringing sweets. Bebe says Tayaji is still sleeping, he comes there and says I am awake now.

Neeti is angry and says I don’t want to do this marriage. Shelly comes there and says then cancel it.

The family is sitting together and joking around. Bebe thinks where is Neeti?

Shelly tells Neeti that if she doesn’t want to marry him then they should tell the family. Neeti says I meant that I want to know you more before marriage, I hope you understand. Shelly thinks he understands her intentions.

Shelly and Neeti come to the family. Shelly says sometimes people get something and then they don’t value it. Neeti says why are you talking like I asked for something unreasonable? Pari says if Neeti asked for something then she must have her reasons. Shelly tells the family that Neeti doesn’t want to marry him, all are shocked to hear that. Pami says what? Sharda says we have invited everyone and now this? Neeti says Sanju knows me and he knows what I want. Shelly says Neeti has special feelings for him, he is always right. He asks Neeti why does she like him so much? Sanju thinks he has nothing with Neeti. Neeti asks Shelly if he thinks she likes Sanju more than him? he says yes. Neeti says yes, I like Sanju more than you. I would have never chosen you if you were better than Sanju. I wanted the best for Pari that’s why I like Sanju more than you. Shelly says she never spends time with me. Pari says it’s not an issue. If Neeti wants time to understand him then its okay. Neeti says everything is happening fast with the marriage, I want to spend time with Shelly. Shelly says I am okay with that. I will spend more time with Neeti.

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Sanju gets a call from Mehra and he invites them to the function. Sanju tells Pami and says we will go there for sometime. Pami tells him to take care of Pari there, Sanju says don’t worry about that.

Shelly comes to Sanju and asks how he feels about becoming a father? Sanju says I will love my baby so much, I will do anything for them. I will do everything with Pari. Neeti is angry hearing that.

Neeti says Sanju started loving Pari because she got pregnant, I think he is just attached to the baby. He was so happy when I was pregnant but then I lost it and Pari got pregnant so he started loving her. His feelings are attached to the baby actually. Pari comes there and says I understand your emotions about marrying Shelly. Neeti says I feel worried about the future, I think I won’t be able to become a mother. Pari is shocked and thinks she might remember something from the past.

The episode ends.