Shrimad Ramayan 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ram meets Hanuman

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The Episode starts with Hanuman saying maybe they are innocent. Jambvant says you can find it out. Hanuman says I have no doubt, but belief, I m feeling happy, I think they are Ram and his brother Laxman, they are coming to end our sorrow. Jambvant says its not good to reach to any conclusion, our goal is to protect Sugreev. Sugreev says yes, you have to find out. Hanuman says as you say, I can’t commit the sin of testing them, but I will go to end your problem. Hanuman and Vanars go to see. Hanuman sees Ram and smiles. Vanas asks Hanuman to test Ram. Hanuman says a devotee can’t test his Lord, I identify him, it’s a test of my devotion, will he identify me or not. Parvati says if your Ansh avatar Hanuman knows that vanvasi is Shri Ram, why the test. Mahadev says its about a king and his protector, Hanuman knows Ram’s truth, but he has to stay alert to protect Sugreev, this meeting will be unique.

Laxman says how will we find Sugreev. Ram says he will reach us. Laxman asks how. Ram says because he will have fear of us, his spies are seeing us, they will come to ask about us. Hanuman and Vanars look on. Nal asks Hanuman to go. Hanuman says I will go, but not this way. Vanar asks then how. Raavan sees Sita and smiles. Sita gets a flower and smiles. She thinks of Ram. Mandodari comes and says you are getting attracted to Sita and getting stubborn. Raavan says I m glad to know, you are accepting the truth. Mandodari says I didn’t accept Sita, I did my Dharm. He says you will soon join Sita and my name. She says you are doing a sin, how can you do this. He says thanks for guiding me, you may leave. Ram and Laxman see some saint coming. Ram says we will go and ask him. Laxman says stay alert. Ram says I feel he is more knowledgeable than he appears. Hanuman takes the disguise of a saint. He sees Ram and smiles. Ram and Laxman greet him. Ram asks him to bless. Hanuman says its right Dharm to greet in the first meeting, elders bless the young ones, who are you both. Ram says we are finding the way to Rishimukhya mountains, guide us. Hanuman says sure, but what’s the motive to go there. Laxman says we know our motive, just guide us. Hanuman says I want to know why you both are so strange, Ram is calm and compassionate, and Laxman has anger and doubtful. Ram smiles. Laxman says you are saying everything than answering us, tell us, where this route goes. Hanuman says route stays there, a person has to go, everyone would be doubting you, seeing the bows and arrows, I want to find out, if you are true as you appear, or someone else. Ram says we also have a doubt on you. Laxman says right, I also doubt him, he is wearing clothes like a saint, and his personality is of a warrior, he is questioning us as a spy. He asks Hanuman what are you doing here. Hanuman says I m an ordinary man, who wants to live in peace and help everyone. Ram says one has to help each other and live in peace. Laxman says then help us and show us the way to the mountain. Hanuman says I can help you, but not do wrong with someone else, tell us your motive. Hanuman says he has come in disguise, we will go. Ram says no, I feel he has much knowledge, he has come to test us. Hanuman says no, I m giving a test, I m doing my work, tell me your motive. Ram says we want to meet Sugreev. Hanuman says he is a good King, but what work do you have. Laxman says Ram told the motive, we will talk to Sugreev. Hanuman says I know him well, if I find your motive, then I will take you to him. Laxman says we will leave now, he is wasting our time. Ram says we will answer him, who knows, he ends our problems. Hanuman smiles.

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Ram says Shabari asked us to meet Sugreev and sent us here, our motive is friendship. Hanuman says its good, but what shall I tell Sugreev, who has come to meet him, you didn’t give your introduction till now. Ram says one is known by deeds, I m an ordinary man who is expelled from my Rajya, I wanted to keep my dad’s promise and mum’s wish, I m cursed to get away from my mums, but fate gave me Shabari’s love, I m that husband, I m finding my wife, who got kidnapped. Laxman says he is Ayodhya’s heir, Dasharath’s eldest son, Shri Ram. Hanuman and Vanars get glad. Laxman says yes, I m his younger brother Laxman, you got to know everything, now tell me your secret. Hanuman says yes, I m the soul who is waiting to meet my Lord. He chants Ram’s name and comes to his real avatar. Ram and Laxman get surprised seeing Hanuman.
Sugreev asks how can I help you. Ram says Raavan has kidnapped Sita, I m finding her. Ram gets Sita’s jewellery and cries.