Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: HemRaj scolds Jalpa for making fun of Nandini

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Kinjil says the well is locked and there is no water inside, Naren says this well is the final resting place of the mother of Nandini as this is where she committed suicide, Jalpa gets stunned but Chanchal says that HemRaj told it in the house, Naren says that the father of Nandini demanded a lot of dowry which they could not give so as a result her father married someone else even when he was married hearing this Jalpa says that HemRaj did not know so much detail about it and she feels he must told, Naren says he knows Ishwar uncle would not have lied and if his father would have asked anything then Ishwar would have given the true answer revealing that Nandini and her family members are very simple people, Nandini reaches the well on her scooty when she sees the car of Naren and so looks to the well where she sees him praying, Nandini gets off from her scooty and sees Naren taking the blessings of her mother, she gets emotional seeing it. Jalpa says this is why Naren stopped here, Kinjil mentions Nandini was following them but Nandini says she was going to the tutions, Jalpa asks what is the need for her to study, Naren informs she goes to teach the children, Jalpa tells Heta that Nandini is also a teacher, Heta says that Nandini will surely teach her and even Chanchal agrees, Naren says to Nandini that they all loved Nandini a lot but she should tell him how did she like his mother, Nandini goes to Chanchal saying that she felt as if she is her own mother, Chanchal kisses Nandini on the forehead asking if they should leave as they are getting late, Naren tells Nandini he will wait for her, he leaves after wishing her good bye,Nandini is smiling.

Naren gets out of the car and helps Jalpa, she asks if a flight does not go to Upleta when Naren says the air port is being constructed, Heta stops Chanchal asking why was she so quiet and did she like Nandini, Chanchal says there cannot be anyone better then Nandini, Heta asks if she is suspicious, Chanchal says she is feeling a bit scared because the behavior in Nandini were also in Heta some time ago, who can stand in front of the truth and Heta changed with the passage of time but will Nandini be able to do it as she is from the modern times, Heta asks Chanchal to not be worried since HemRaj knows how to teach everyone a lesson but this time he might not be able to do it with Nandini which is why Chanchal is worried.

Nandini comes back asking why did Manri not light the Diya and even turn on the lights, she sees that Manri is very sad sitting and not even saying anything, Nandini asks what has happened but she does not reply so Nandini calls Ishwar and Mitesh, they both come questioning if everything is fine. Manri says she is very scared, Ishwar asks the reason so Manri says the family of Naren has a lot of wealth and they are nothing compared to that family while Ishwar once said that the tradition of giving and taking with the in laws of the daughter never ends, Manri asks if they made a mistake by joining the relation, Nandini turns Manri towards her saying if she feels that this relation is a mistake then she would not go ahead with the marriage. Ishwar asks what is Nandini saying because Manri is saying this only after looking at the wealth of the Ratansi family, Ishwar says the love of Naren has joined both the families, Nandini hugging Manri asks if she saw that her mother in law loves her a lot w while her father in law does not believe in dowry so did not ask even a single penny from them, Ishwar gets a bit worried realizing what he has promised. Nandini accepts Naren is from a wealthy family but his father does not need anything from them, Ishwar recalls when HemRaj demanded the farm from them but he asks Manri to not think of anyone else but Naren as he has even convinced someone like HemRaj so can he leave their Nandini for anything, he asks Manri to not be worried assuring everything would be fine, Nandini hugs Manri.

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HemRaj asks Dhawal iff the order has been finalized for the party in Surat, Jigar tells HemRaj it has been finalized, Anousya Baa asks HemRaj who went to watch the cinema, Chanchal and everyone else is worried, Jalpa says they went to watch Nandini so Anousya Baa questions why are they all so quiet and should tell if the girl is beautiful or not, Kinjil informs that indeed they are very beautiful, Heta also informs that they are very simple, Jalpa says she is so simple that she refused to take the jewelry and was even cleaning when they went to their house, she says that it would be good that one of them knows how to work so they would not have any tensions if GangaBen leaves, Baa says that if they all start working then there would not be any problem, Jigar start laughing which angers HemRaj who scolds him asking if he does not understand the taunt of Jalpa, so while sitting at the table worth hundreds of thousands they are making fun of someone, Baa also says that they should not make fun of anyone being simple, HemRaj says that the name of Rantansi family has been joined with Nandini so they should not even think about talking about her, HemRaj leaves while Jalpa also gets angry so leaves, Samta questions what is wrong about the food that everyone is leaving, Ronaq asks what si the problem so he starts eating, Dhawal also leaves but Chanchal is smiling, Heta asks her so Chanchal says he supported the daughter in law so is Heta still worried.

In the night Chanchal enters the room while HemRaj is massaging his hands, she comes to stand behind him and starts massaging his hands with a smile on her face, she thanks him when he asks when did she last thank him, she replies when he agreed for the marriage of Nandini and Naren, HemRaj replies that everyone should know their place in the house that Jalpa needs to understand the difference between enjoying or taunting someone, he says no one has the right to talk about the conditions of the family, HemRaj asks how did Chanchal like the choice of their son, she replies that Nandini is very beautiful and cannot even tolerate anything wrong, HemRaj says that she is habitual of being a leader but Chanchal tries to defend her, HemRaj informs her why he is the leader of their society.