Shrimad Ramayan 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Ram immerses Dasharath’s ashes

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The Episode starts with Bharat apologizing to Ram and asking him to punish him. Ram hugs him. Bharat cries and says I m responsible for your sorrow, you, Sita and Laxman had to face so much, punish me. Sita and Laxman cry. Ram holds Bharat and cries. Bharat says you have always kept me under your shadow, you left me alone this time. Ram hugs his brothers. Mahadev says Ram is incomplete without his brothers, their love and dedication will always be remembered in the world. Bharat apologizes to Sita. He asks Laxman to punish him. He says shoot the arrow at me, Laxman, make me free of this stain to be Kaikeyi’s son. Ram asks him not to speak ill about their mother. He says Kaikeyi is our mum, a woman, our father’s dear wife, if dad knows your thoughts, then he will be so hurt. Bharat cries. Ram asks what happened, I m here with you. He asks Shatrughan why are they crying. He asks is everything fine in Ayodhya, how is dad, is he okay, how did you leave him and come. Ram asks him to answer. He sees his mothers coming with the guards. He is shocked to see them in white sarees. Laxman and Sita are also shocked.

Laxman says we have become orphans. They all cry. Ram takes Sumitra and Kaushalya’s blessings. He asks didn’t Kaikeyi come. Kaushalya nods and shows Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi cries. She says I have lost the place of a mother, I m a bad mother, I have filled hatred in Ayodhya and took Dasharath’s life, I can’t even apologize to you, Ram. Ram says don’t say that, gold is burnt to become gold, you are making me more capable, its fate, what’s bad today will become good tomorrow, let me touch your feet, else my birth will become useless. Kaikeyi says my sins are much, I wish no one gets a mother like me, I will pray that I get a son like you in every birth. She hugs him. Guru Vashisht blesses Ram. He says don’t get sorrowful about the past, you have to do pind daan and immerse the ashes. Ram does the rituals with his brothers. They all hug. Ram says Dasharath was Dharm, and Dharam doesn’t go from the world, he is in us. Guru Vashisht says the final rites got completes, you have to fulfill his dreams. Guard comes and says Janak has come. Sita and everyone rush to meet Janak. Janak sees Sita in vanvasi clothes. He hugs her. He says we are also in grief over Dasharath’s death. He praises Dasharath. He asks Ram to return to Ayodhya. He says Ram and Sita should be there with their siblings, its Sunaina’s request. Ram says it was Sita’s wish to come with me, I respect her wish, if Sita wants to return Ayodhya, then I will respect her wish. Janak asks Sita will you come with me, it’s a father’s request. Sita says I can’t deny your love and Ram’s commitment, but I m sorry, tell Mata that I would have not refused as a daughter, but I m Ram’s wife, Ayodhya’s Kul vadhu, I won’t even listen to Ram’s command in this matter. Janki says your commitment will become an example. He praises them. Sita hugs him. She says you have given me such values. Bharat asks what about the poison spreading in Ayodhya, you all have to return to end it.

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Hanuman is seen. He is Ram’s devotee.