Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Purnima exposes Shaina

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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 29th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Raj comes to the hall. It’s all decorated. Everyone surprises him and wishes him a birthday. Chachi says jiji was worried for you. Sumitra says thank God you’re okay. Chachi says his protector is with him. Nothing could go wrong. Raj says let us get fresh then we will celebrate. The light goes off. Raj asks Purniam to get ready. He says I will check the fuse. raj goes out to check the board. Purnima gets ready. Someone comes into her room with the mask. Purnima is scared. She tries to run. the person strangles her. Purnima falls. She sees the shoes. The masked person leaves. Purnima faints.

Shaina comes after Raj. He gets scared. He says you scared me. He says someone cut the wires. I am trying to fix it. She says it’s your birthday. Let’s go and celebrate everyone is celebrating. I’ll get Purnima. Purnima tries to get up. She knocks on the door. The person is outside as well. Purnima falls in fear. She hits the bottle on his head. Purnima tries to run. She comes downstairs and sees it’s a girl. She says I’ve to expose Shaina today. Purnima holds the girl. She hits her and says Shaina is doing all this. See her. She was strangling me in the room. She says Sahina is behind this mask. Raj says what are you saying? She is here just celebrating my birthday. She says she’s wearing a birthday mask only. Shaina says this is a different mask. You attacked me so violently. Raj says Purnima she’s our guest. Purnima says she cahnged the mask. Please trust me. Raj says enough. We discussed this before. See what you did. Nirvan says let it go. Shaina says let’s cut the cake. She says I ordered your favorite cake. Let’s cut it.

Raj is about to cut the cake. Purnima says I need to talk to you. He says we will talk later. Rajj cuts the cake. He eats it from Purnima’s hand, not Shain’s. Shaina says let’s do a dance party now. He says yes but I will dance with Purnima. Shaina holds his hand and says let’s go dance. Shaina dances with Raj. She gives him a drink. Purnima says do you wanna dance with someone else? He says yes let’s dance. She says not me. She points at Sumitra. Raj dances with Sumitra. Shaina asks Purnima to serve the driks. Raj drinks the glass Shaina gave him. Shaina spills a drink on Raj. She says I am sorry let me clean. he says it’s okay I’ll change.

Sumitra says to Gururaj give Raj the gift you got for him. Gururaj says okay. Shaina comes to Raj’s room. She looks around for him and lays on his bed. Raj changes. Shaina holds his hand in bed. It’s Gururaj. She’s shocked to see him. Gururaj says what are you doing here? At this hour in Raj’s room? She fixes her dress. He says I came to give the gift, what is all this? Raj comes out of the restroom. Purnima changed Raj’s glass. Raj says it’s not what you think. I was changing in the restroom. Gururaj says I saw it with my eyes. She was half-dressed in your room. He’s a married man, shame on you. Raj says papa, please. I was in the restroom. He says Purnima do you trust me? Purnima says it’s just Shaina’s intentions. She wants to be alone with Raj. She did this party to come between me and Raj. Shaina says what are you saying. Purnima says the truth. Purnima says no one trusts me but this is the truth. She plays Shaina’s recording saying she will be in Raj’s arms on his birthday. Purnima says she has done a lot. Shaina says I’ve loved Raj since my childhood. I tried to come between them. she cried. She says I always dreamed of marrying him. Raj left me for this loser. He broke my dreams, don’t I break his marriage? Sumitra says enough. Raj is married now. You better stay away from him and leave this house. Shaina says I can’t believe you’re asking me to leave. Gururaj says I can’t believe you can do all this. She says Raj please say something. He says Purnima kept telling me but I never trusted her. You crossed all limits. Shaina hugs him and says I love you. I did it all for you. Gururaj says I respect your dad, just leave this house. Raj says please go. Shaina leaves the house. She cries.

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Scene 2
Damayanthi says the evil shadow is gone. But is Raj really out of danger? Raj comes there. He says but. He gives her the cake. He says won’t you give me blessings? She touches his head and sees his life in danger. Damayanthi says just take care of yourself for 12 hours.

Purnima comes to Shaina. Shaina says now you want an award? Purnima says I came to apologize. I know you hate me. I know you love Raj and I know how it feels to lose your love. I never came between you. You came between Raj and his love. Shaina says he’d fall for me any day if you didn’t come between us. Purnima says this is your misunderstanding. God makes couples. Shaina says God made Raj for me. Purnima says that’s not possible. Take care. Purnima goes in. Shaina says I can’t lose so easily. You will know how it feels when you lose your love. My game has just started.

Episode ends

Update Creditto: Atiba