Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv promises to take a stand for Rimjhim

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Mandira comes to the mandira and tells Lord that I always prayed to you but you made me lose to that cheap Shakti. Guruji asks why does she look stressed today? Mandira says why my plans are failing? why I am failing against Shiv and Shakti? Guruji says if you try to change fate then you will lose sight of your destination. Shiv and Shakti are one so you can’t separate them. Shiv and Shakti are made together and its fate. Mandira says so what can I do? Guruji says you thought you were God but that Shakti has made you a crying human. Mandira says don’t take her name. Guruji says Shakti is Sati but she was separated from Mahadev and you know why? because she insulted Mahadev and then as a repentence she left him. Mandira says what you mean? He says if you want to separate Shiv and Shakti then you have to let them get united first then she will have to give a test to her loyalty, she will fail that and will leave Shiv to repent for her mistakes. Mandira says you want me to unite Shiv and Shakti but how.. she gets an idea. Guruji says you got an idea. He blesses her. Mandira sees an image in which she accepts Shakti as Shiv’s bride. Mandira says Shakti said that she can never forgive anyone who lies to her. Shiv’s past and his lies will break them apart. If separating them means uniting them first then I will get them married. Guruji says can you bring that Shakti in your house? Mandira says I can do anything to gain power. She looks at Gauri’s photo and says I will postpone this plan. I will get Shiv and Shakti married first, let them be happy for time being and then I will separate them using Gauri.

Shakti tells Shiv that Keertan called Rimjhim before wedding and told her to run away. Shakti says say something. Shiv says Keertan promised to be with her, if he loves her then he should have come to take her. He has to answer her. Rimjhim says he loves me a lot, I am sure he got stuck somewhere that’s why he didn’t come to pick me. Shiv asks if he called her later on? she says no. Shiv says I can see you love him a lot but sometimes we become blinded in love, one-sided love is painful and you start questioning yourself, you think your weakness is your love and you keep waiting for the person who might not be made for you. I don’t want you to run behind a relationship in which you keep following a person who doesn’t love you. If he can’t walk in life with you then you will always be in pain. Shakti gets emotional hearing that. Shiv asks what happened? Rimjhim says she is just emotional for me. Shiv says I will talk to Keertan, if he is at fault then I won’t spare him but if he really loves Rimjhim then I will unite them. Rimjhim nods and leaves. Shiv asks Shakti what was she thinking? She says nothing. Shiv says you have to come with me, Shiv and Shakti are made to walk together. Lets go. He holds her hand and takes her to the car. Shakti smiles. They drive away.

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Keertan sees Shiv’s car arriving at home as he is leaving. He is shocked to see Shakti and Rimjhim with him. He asks if everything is okay? Shakti says you have to tell us. Our families think Ranjan was behind everything but the truth is that you were behind things too. Mandira comes there and sees them. Shakti tells Keertan that he has to answer her today. Shiv says she is right. Keertan asks what? Shakti says Rimjhim ran away from the house because of you but she got locked in a store, was it you? You told her to run away but you never went to her. Shiv asks him to tell the truth as its about a girl’s life. Keertan gets scared and moves away from them. Mandira looks on.

The episode ends.