Doosri Maa 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda Saves Krishna

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Doosri Maa 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Yashoda covering herself with a blanket jumping into the fire and saving Krishna. Randhir’s goon tells him that it looks like Yashoda saved Krishna. Kamini yells that Yashoda reaches wherever she shouldn’t. Yashoda, Suresh, and Malti get Krishna out of gunny bag and try to wake him up. Bansal feels happy thinking Krishna died suffocating inside a gunny bag. Suresh gives CPR to Krishna and relives him. Kamini and her team get jealous seeing that. Yashoda hugs and pampers Krishna. Suresh asks Yashoda to take Krishna home while he visits police station to file an FIR. Yashoda asks him to stop. Malti says let him go as the situation has gone out of hands now. Suresh reaches police station and files an FIR against Arvind, Kamini, Bansal, and Randhir for trying to burn Krishna alive.

Kamini, Bansal, and Arvind return home. Mahua asks where were they. Bansal lies that they had gone for diwali shopping. Malti enters with Yashoda’s children and hopes they are telling truth as she knows they tried to kill Krishna and Suresh has gone to file an FIR against them. They get afraid and say they really had gone for diwali shopping. Yashoda asks why are they worried when they are innocent, let police find out truth. Malti says let us prepare for diwali celebration. Mahua says she will make her own preparation. Malti agrees. Krishna, Astha, and Nupur prepare Yamraj lamp. Malti says every year family’s kids prepare yamraj lamp and light it at the temple.

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