Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shakti protects Gayatri from Mandira and Ragunath

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shiv tells the family that he doesn’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to Kartik so he has decided that he will send Kartik back to boarding school. Shakti is shocked hearing that, Mandira smirks and murmurs Shakti can never win against her, she won both challenges. Shakti tells Shiv to not do this, please don’t punish him for her mistake, you love him so don’t do this, he will be hurt if you send him away. She begs Shiv but he doesn’t listen to her. Mandira tells Gayatri that Shakti couldn’t reunite son and father. Gayatri begs with Shiv to not send his son away. I am living in pain of being away from my son, don’t do this with Kartik. I am away from you because of my helplessness but don’t go through the same pain with your son. Ragunath shouts at her to stay away from him, how dare you talk about family matters? he is about to slap her but Shakti stands in front of her and glares at him. Shiv stands with Shakti and protects Gayatri. Gayatri begs Shiv to not send Kartik away, Shiv says please don’t beg me. Kartik has to go for his own benefit. Gayatri sits in his feet and says please don’t send him away. Shiv stops her and says please don’t do this.. if you want then Kartik will stay here with everyone. Shakti is happy to hear that. Shiv wipes Gayatri’s tears, she thanks him. Mandira is angry hearing that. Gayatri tells Shiv that she will take care of Kartik along with Shakti so don’t worry about him. Shiv says you are right, he will get love from all family members. He hugs her and consoles her. He tells the family to go to sleep. Shakti thanks Shiv and hugs him. All look on. Shakti kisses Shiv’s forehead while the family leaves from there.

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Padma tells Mandira that even Gayatri is failing her plans now. Gayatri comes there and says this will repeat now, I have faith now to fight with you both. She says Shakti is with me now so I am confident, if you both try to harm my kids again then I won’t spare you. I will protect my kids now from you both. I was silent for years but I am a mother and can fight any battle for my kids. Mandira says you are talking too much because Ragunath didn’t slap you much. Mandira is about to slap her but Shakti comes there and says stop.. she tells Mandira that Gayatri is not alone, if you try to hit her then I will call the police. Mandira laughs and says you both are useless in this house. I will plan and plot but you both won’t be able to stop me because you won’t be able to find out my plots. Shakti says like the way I couldn’t find out how you had mixed medicine in Shiv’s towel? Mandira is shocked hearing that. The flashback shows how Shakti recalled Shiv going to get fresh with a new towel so she checked the towel and found medicine in it. The flashback ends. Shakti says I am sure you were behind that Mandira but you won’t succeed for long, you will pay for your sins soon.  She tells Gayatri to go and rest as they have to start cleaning filth (Mandira & Padma) from the house from tomorrow.

The episode ends.