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Scene 1

The voiceover says that a lot of kings were born in Bharat and they all had their truths open but one story had so many facets that the real truth remained hidden. Its a story about a brave king, the king who was king of kings, the most courageous king, the bravest soldier.. the king who brought light in this world. But the light in his world was brought by a princess called Kaurwaki. Their story started when King Bindusar’s wife Dharma gave birth to the bravest King but it wasn’t an easy birth. His birth night was dark and had many secrets buried during that night. His painful story started from that night.

In the town, people are excited for Bindusar’s prince’s birth. Bindusar says I am excited to see my son and I feel like he is going to change lives. He gifts gold among people and tells his assistant that he got to know from Chanakya that his son is going to change lives, his son Is going to be unique, simple and charming. Queen Dharma is very simple so her son would be a simple man too.

Queen Dharma is crying in pain because she is in labour. Dai Maa consoles her and says don’t worry, once your son is born then you will have happiness only.

Another queen Dayana is getting pampered by her servants and they all praise her beauty. Queen Helena who is Dayana’s mother comes there and tells Dayana that she is a fool, she should be worried about her fate instead of her beauty. Dayana asks what happened? Helena says that Dharma is going to give birth to an heir tonight. Dayana says I am Bindusar’s first wife and Dharma is his 3rd, she can never take my place and my son Sushim is his first son so he is going to his son. Helena says but you don’t have what Dharma has. Dayana says what Dharma has that I don’t? Helena says she has Brahmin blood and when her blood is mixed with Bindusar then they can make a fire-spitting brave soul. Dayana says you think he will choose him as his heir? Helena says this is Bharat and they will choose their own blood over foreigners like us. If Dharma gives birth to a son tonight then you would have no place in his life. She says Chanakya has been making that baby’s kundli but if he gives it to Bindusar then it will be a trouble for us all. We have to stop him and find that kundli first.

Chanakya is making Bindusar’s son kundli and says this kundli has fire, water and air.. Bharat is going to get the greatest king, they are going to get their bravest soldier tonight. Dayana comes there with a lot of gold coins and tells Chanakya that you made Dharma’s son’s kundli right? He says yes. Dayana says you have to lie to Bindusar and tell him that this baby is a bad omen for his reign. Chanakya says you can’t buy me with some gold. Dayana says don’t forget that I am a queen of this place. Chanakya says don’t forget that I was the one who suggested Bindusar to choose you as his queen so if I can make you one then I can get you removed from the position too. Bindusar is going to have a son tonight who has a kundli like never before, that son has fate like no one else, he is going to be the future and light for Bharat. I am going to tell it to Bindusar.

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Queen Dharma gives birth to Samrat Ashok.

Dayana cries and tells Helena that I couldn’t stop Chanakya, he must have told about the kundli to Bindusar by now.

Dharma is smiling at her son Ashok. Bindusar arrives there so she tells him that we have been waiting for you, its our son and he is just like you. I have thought of his name and its Ashok. Bindusar throws a black cloth on baby’s face and shouts that I can’t see his face. Dharma asks why? He says I thought this baby is going to be our future but Chanakya’s prediction said that this son is going to bring ill-fate to us. I can’t even look at him. Ashok will be filled with evil thoughts and would bring destruction in this life, people would be scared of him, Ashok will destroy everything, he would be more evil than all evils. He would be the reason for my destruction. Dharma cries and says what are you saying? Bindusar says I am telling the truth, I can’t see his face. Its your choice if you want to see a black cloth over him or a white cloth? Dharma says please don’t do this. Bindusar says this son can’t come in contact with me so if you stay with him then you will have to stay away from me. We are going to be separated, he leaves from there. Dharma cries and hugs Ashok. She says you took away all my happiness as soon as you came in my life Ashok.

Scene 2

Bindusar comes to Dayana and starts crying. She hugs him and smirks at Helena.

Helena meets with a minister Subhandhu and says I knew you could do this but how did you do it? He says I know my enemies well and they think I am their friend. The flashback shows how Subhandhu went to meet with Chanakya and says Bindusar sent me to get the kundli. Chanakya says I will give it to him only. Subhandhu says you did so much for him but he doesn’t even respect you, he denied coming here. I don’t know how he is going to manage this reign. Chanakya says don’t worry because his son is going to manage everything. Chanakya says if Bindusar doesn’t respect me then I don’t care, he gives Ashok’s kundli and says give it to Bindusar and tell him that I am going on a pilgrimage and might not return for months or years now.


Samrat Ashok

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