Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Rimjhim promises to support Shiv & Shakti

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 3rd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti tells Rimjhim that she wants her sister back, the one who would fight for her no matter what. Remember we had a pact to never tell on each other, we always trusted each other so I am trusting you today to not tell anyone about Shiv being here. Please promise me that you won’t tell anyone. Rimjhim sees Keertan calling her and takes the call. She says what? you are back home? I am coming. She ends the call and tries to leave but Manorama stops her and says don’t you dare. Shakti says let her go, I feel as a sister she won’t let me down today, she won’t break my trust. Rimjhim tells Shakti that we fought a lot but we promised to hide each other’s secrets, I might not be able to support you but I promise I won’t tell anyone that Shiv is here. Shakti gets emotional and hugs her, she thanks her. Rimjhim says I have to go now, she leaves from there. Manorama tells Shakti that Keertan is her weakness, Mandira will exploit her again. Shakti says I trust her, I know she won’t tell anyone. She prays to the Lord to open Rimjhim’s eyes against Mandira.

Kamal tells Keertan that he is happy to see him back. Koyal hugs him. Rimjhim comes there and hugs him tightly, she asks if he is okay? He nods. They hear Mandira screaming from her room and rushes there to see cuts on her wrist. Keertan asks what happened? who did this? tell me. Mandira says it was Shiv, all are shocked hearing that. Mandira says he came here and attacked me, he wanted to kill me. Keertan says don’t worry, I am here. Rimjhim is confused and recalls Shiv’s condition at Manorama’s house, she thinks how could Shiv come here when he was in a bad condition there?

Scene 2

Shakti tells Shiv that I am also broken, I lost my mother too but we have to be strong to bring justice to her. Please tell me what happened when you entered her room? try to remember. Shiv recalls Gayatri getting stabbed when he entered her room. Shakti tells him to speak for his mother, we have to find the truth, please say something. Shiv silently cries so Shakti says I know you are in pain, just tell me once who did this. I will make sure her killer gets punished, please say something. She cries. Manorama comes there and consoles her. Shakti says he isn’t speaking up, how will we save him? Manorama asks Chacha to speak to him.

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Keertan calls the police and scolds them for not catching Shiv. The inspector tells him to not shout at them, they are trying to catch him. I don’t understand how did he reach Mandira’s room?

Chacha tells Shiv to speak up for his mother. Shakti says if he doesn’t speak up then he will be jailed. Manorama says maybe he will open up to Chacha, trust the Lord and he will make everything fine. Chacha asks Shiv to speak up for his mother, and tell us what happened there? Dharam says if you don’t tell the truth then you will be jailed, at least think about Shakti and Kartik. Shakti says if he doesn’t speak up then how will I save him? I just need one clue. Chacha tells Shakti that I tried but he isn’t speaking up. Shakti says its okay, she goes to him and hugs him tightly. Shiv moves away and lies in a corner.

Mandira tells Padma and Keertan that I have trapped Shiv in a way that Shakti can’t save him now. Padma says you hurt yourself to trap him? Mandira says it was nothing, Shiv-Shakti are out of the house and Keertan is back. I will make sure they never come back to this house.

The episode ends.