Parineeti 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Pari tries to get some proof against Madhu

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Scene 1

Outside the courtroom, Pari asks Jhanki why did she lie in court? you promised us to tell the truth so why did you cheat us all? I am sure that Alluwalia bought you with money. Jhanki says you won’t understand my helplessness. Pari says what helplessness? if you wanted another job then I would have gotten it for you, you should have followed the right path. An innocent person is going to be jailed because of you. Jhanki says you can’t understand what I was going through. Madhu comes there and tells Jhanki to come with them, she looks at Pari and leaves with them.

Madhu, Alluwalia and Jhanki are going back home. Madhu thanks Alluwalia for always supporting her. He says you are my wife and I love you so much. He thanks Jhanki for supporting them. Madhu smirks and thinks if Jhanki had given a statement against me then I would have been in trouble. I have gotten such a fool of a husband, he blindly listens to me. Alluwalia tells Jhanki that he will fulfil his promise, he calls his manager and asks him to clear Jhanki’s loan that she took from him. He tells her that all her loans are clear as you won’t be able to pay my loan anyway. Jhanki thinks she had to give a statement in their favour otherwise he would have destroyed her life.

Pari tells Chandrika that all family members had hopes from me but we lost the case. Chandrika says if you accept your defeat then we have already lost but we still have 24 hours left, we can still change the judge’s decision. If you do something then the judge will have to change her decision. Pari says I have no proof against Madhu. Chandrika says you have to think of something, if you waste time in crying then we won’t be able to do anything. Pari says you are right, I don’t have time to waste in crying. I saw Jhanki trying to say something to me, I am sure Madhu was pressurizing her. I will do anything to save Sanju.

Pami tells Tayaji that she is worried about Sanju, he is going to be jailed tomorrow and we can’t do anything. Tayaji says trust Pari, she is going to find a way.

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Scene 2

Balli comes to Pari and gives her fees back, he says I couldn’t save your husband so I don’t deserve this fee. Pari says you took our side and supported us, we have to keep trying and might find proof against Madhu. Balli says you give me strength too. Let’s go and find out the truth.

Pari and Balli come to Alluwalia’s house but the security stops them. Pari tries to go in but the guard tells them to leave. Pari tells Balli that they have to go inside in any way. Balli gets an idea and talks so some waiters, Pari says I am Sanju’s wife. The waiter says you are that cheap man’s wife? he is a molester. He tries to leave but Balli hits him on the head and he faints. Pari is shocked. Balli says they will be fine so don’t worry. Let’s take their clothes.

Pari and Balli enter the Alluwalia house as waiters.

Alluwalia asks Madhu that she is innocent so why has she brought all these guards outside the house? Madhu says we are innocent in this situation and Sanju will pay for his crimes but I don’t want anything wrong to happen tonight. This Pari will try everything to enter our house and find some evidence against us so we have to be careful. These wives like Pari forget that men like Sanju should be punished for their deeds. Alluwalia says you are right. He says I am going to meet up with the inspector to celebrate with him, he leaves. Dadi sees them and says this girl is so evil.

Pari and Balli enter Alluwalia’s house, they find another waiter and she questions them but they hide from her. The waiter says I should tell Madhu. Pari hears that and tells Balli that they don’t have much time. They go to the room where Sanju and Madhu are caught. Balli finds the drink that Sanju drank, they take the sample and collect other items too. They try to leave the room but Madhu comes there.

The episode ends.