Shiv Shakti (Zee) 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Shakti hides Shiv from the inspector

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 29th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Mandira tells Shakti that she is protecting her murderer husband. You can’t save him. Shakti says you are a murderer, I will protect Shiv at any cost and soon we are going to send you to jail. What Shiv couldn’t do, I will do it. She leaves. Mandira is scared.

Manorama tells Chacha that she is worried about Shakti, they should go and check on her. Shakti calls her and she puts on speaker. Shakti cries and says Gayatri.. she is no more with us, all are shocked hearing that. Shakti tells them everything and says Mandira killed her, Shakti says Shiv has been blamed for her death, I won’t let him get arrested. Only I know where he is, we have to take him out of there. Manorama says just bring him to my house. Shakti says the police can’t find him. Manorama says I am his mother now, I promised to Gayatri and won’t let anything happen to him. Shakti ends the call.

The inspector comes to Shiv’s house and asks about the CCTV outside the house being turned off, he asks Shakti about it. She says I don’t know who did it. She recalls how she cut it off. Shakti finds a blood mark on the car and gets worried. The inspector says Shiv was in the house when murder happened, we have to search the house for him. Mandira says he is innocent, he can’t do that. Why would he kill his mother? Shakti wipes the car trunk. The inspector asks what is she doing? she says nothing, they all go in the house. Shakti recalls how she had taken Shiv out of the house and hid him in the car trunk. She promised to bring justice to his mother. The flashback ends. Rimjhim comes out and asks Shakti what is she doing there? Shakti says I am grieving for Gayatri, is that a crime? Rimjhim leaves.

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Manorama and Chacha paint their windows black to prepare for Shiv

The police is searching for Shiv in the house and don’t find him there. Dadi asks Nandu to do something and find Shiv. Nandu says Shakti will protect him so don’t worry.

Rimjhim tells Mandira that Shakti was standing near a car and seemed suspicious. Mandira says I will go and check. Mandira goes to Shakti and says you are smart, you hid Shiv in our house only and nobody had any idea. She tries to open the trunk and Shakti stops her.

The episode ends.