Kavya 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya saves Adi

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The Episode starts with Kavya pulling Adi and sitting on the chair. The bomb gets activated. Adi looks at Kavya. Giriraj asks what’s all this, Kavya. Adi says you made fun of me, get up. Inspector says stop, there is a bomb under the chair. Adi asks bomb? Inspector asks them to step back. Adi checks the bomb. He is shocked. He asks for bomb squad. Inspector says we have no time, timer is of 5 mins. Adi says evacuate the venue. Giriraj takes Adi down the stage. Kavya says Adi, don’t come here. She cries. Anurag says why does this happen with me. Badi Amma says why did you do this. Santu and Alka see the news. They get shocked. Malini comes there with the baby. Anjali cries seeing the news and shouts to Rajeev. Rajeev and Mayank come and worry. Malini says Kavya will die today, its called justice. Adi recalls Kavya’s words. Adi runs to Kavya. Kavya shouts no, go away. Adi holds her face.

Giriraj asks Adi to step back. Inspector says no, I can’t do anything, it’s a complicated bomb. Adi says I will cut the wire. Inspector says it’s a big risk. Adi says follow my orders, tell me what to do. Giriraj worries. Alka, Santu, Anjali and everyone pray. Inspector guides Adi. Adi says just 30 seconds are there.

Giriraj asks Adi to come back. Kavya cries and asks Adi to please go. Adi says don’t say anything, just look at me. Giriraj asks inspector to stop Adi. Inspector asks Giriraj to step back. Adi and Kavya hold hands and close eyes. The bomb blasts. Everyone is shocked. Giriraj sees the smoke. He cries. Adi and Kavya jump down the stage. Giriraj happily hugs Adi. Inspector salutes Adi and Kavya. Adi recalls cutting a wire. Giriraj asks inspector to catch the culprit. Adi and Kavya sit in the car, and say thanks. She says you should have trusted me. He says you broke my trust before.

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They come home. Alka says thank God, you are fine. Malini slaps Adi and scolds him for risking his life for Kavya. He says just listen to me. She says you don’t value me, you don’t love me, why shall I value you, I don’t care about you now, don’t come to me. She leaves. Adi asks Giriraj to go to Malini. Kavya sees Badi Amma. She says you have done this, you were tense in the rally. Badi Amma asks are you not ashamed to talk to me like this. Kavya says I m asking you with manners, what will you get after harming Adi. Badi Amma asks why would I do this. She asks Kavya to leave. Kavya repeats Badi Amma’s words. Badi Amma is shocked. Kavya says I know you are behind this. Badi Amma says fine, what will you do, how will you prove it. Kavya says I will find the evidence soon, if anyone harms Adi, then I will kill that person. She taunts Badi Amma.
Badi Amma asks Adi to have sweets. Kavya asks her to eat sweets first. Adi asks Kavya how can you blame Badi Amma. Adi says my file got stolen. Anurag says Rajeev is giving the file to someone.