Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Keertan, Rimjhim and Shakti slap each other in an argument

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Scene 1

Shakti wakes up and finds Shiv packing his lunch in the kitchen. She apologizes to him for waking up late. Shiv says you took on my responsibility but you don’t care to wake up on time? Shakti says you look hot while working in the kitchen, Shiv says I amg getting late so let me go. Shakti says we couldn’t do the deed in the bedroom so we should do it here. Shiv says I will scream if you try to do anything. Shakti pulls him closer but Keertan comes there so they move away. Keertan says I am sorry to interrupt but I think you people should be private and romance in your room only. Shiv says I am sorry but she never listens to me. Shakti sees Rimjhim coming there and thinks I would expose Keertan today. She tells Keertan that he is right, they can romance in the bedroom, he is my husband after all, she holds Shiv’s hand and says lets go. Keertan says what’s going on? Shakti says why? I am romancing my husband so it shouldn’t be a problem right? Keertan sees Rimjhim coming there and tells Shakti that he doesn’t care about their romance but she is making her sister worried with her antics. My relationship with Rimjhim is suffering because of you, I am losing my wife, we are fighting every day because of you. He goes towards her but Shiv pulls him back and says don’t forget she is your sister in law, you have no right to talk to her like that. Rimjhim says you have no right to talk to my husband like that, tell your wife to behave. Shakti says don’t talk to him like that. Rimjhim says you both were insulting my husband, she tells Shiv that he can’t even control his wife and should stay at home now. Shakti says enough.. all family members come there. Rimjhim tells Shiv that if he can’t even control his wife then he is a useless man and should sit at home. Keertan slaps her hard and shouts how dare you talk to my brother like that? Shakti says how dare you slap my sister? I will not spare you if hit her again. Rimjhim is about to slap Shakti but Shiv stops her and says what’s wrong in this house? we are a family and not goons to behave like this. He tells Keertan to respect his wife, Keertan says she shouldn’t have insulted you. Shiv says you could have stopped her verbally. Dadi says this is all Shakti’s fault, she keeps creating a scene every day. Ragunath says we have no peace left because of her. Padma says this girl is trouble, she is even making people raise their hands now. Shiv is disappointed. Mandira says Shakti keeps picking up fights every day, she asks Shiv to get ready. Rimjhim angrily leaves.

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Shiv is leaving for the office, Shakti goes to him but he ignores her. Keertan comes there and smirks.. he says it was fun, do you want to slap me? I like you when you slap me. Whenever you hurt me then I will hurt your sister back. He turns and is shocked to see Mandira there. Mandira tells Keertan that she is proud of him to teach Shakti a lesson. Her life is stuck in her sister Rimjhim, if you hurt her then Shakti will cry in pain. You have found her weakness, whenever she try to challenge us then we will hurt Rimjhim. Shakti says don’t you dare. Mandira says if Keertan can slap her in front of everyone then he can do anything with her alone, she is our key to control you now. Shakti gets worried and leaves. Mandira says Shakti won’t be able to challenge us now.

Precap: Mandira threatens Gayatri that with Shakti’s support you think you can cross me and today I’ll torture you in such a way that you will never dare to go against me. She raises her hand to hit her with belt but Shkati holds the belt from behind and stops her.