Prachand Ashok 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Ashok gets to know about Vidish’s scheming

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Scene 1

In Vidish, Kaurwaki is going for the sawamvar, she tells her friend that Devika will be married in Kaling only, I am sure of that. She is going to choose Badhrag brother as he is a great soldier. A friend tells her that there is a cruel prince that everyone is talking about, you know he killed his own soldier. Kaurwaki says what? I would never want to look at him. She drops her fan so someone picks it up and gives it to her, she touches his hand and feels something. Its Ashok and he feels something too. They look around for each but don’t see each other.

Sushim asks Ashok why did you come here? I didn’t want you here. Sushim goes to meet Devika’s father and ministers of Vidish, Sushim says we want to have peace with you and I am interested in marrying Devika. I am sure, she is going to mine. Sushim looks at Kaurwaki and smirks.. he says I want this girl. Sushim’s brother tells him that she is a princess. Sushim says I don’t care, Kaurwaki feels weird as he stares at her, her friend Uma sadly looks at Sushim. Kaurwaki says I am going to meet Devika and will be blinded by all the diamonds she would be wearing.

Kaurwaki comes to Devika and they are excited seeing each other. Kaurwaki says I am excited for your wedding. She says I will go and check my room.

Ashok is keeping an eye on Sushim and others as a soldier. He thinks there is some scheme going on.

The ministers of Vidish and Kaling’s kings talk to each other. They talk about this sawamvar being fake and only Devika-Badhrag are going to get married, Sushim is going to be insulted at the end which is going to be our revenge. Ashok hears all that.

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Ashok gets ordered to entertain the kids. The kids ask him to tell them a story. Ashok talks about a prince whose father never saw him and it made him angry. He wears a mask and says that the prince became ravaan. The kids are scared. Kaurwaki comes there and tell the kids to leave. She asks what was he doing? Ashok takes off his mask and they both are surprised to see each other. Kaurwaki says why were you scaring the kids? Ashok says I was ordered to entertain them, you are a princess and won’t care about anything.. you are just going to weight for a rich king to marry you. Kaurwaki says there is nothing more wealthy then love in this life.. Ashok says love is the most useless thing in this world. Kaurwaki says anyone who loves you would be sad in life. Ashok says its better to hurt then get hurt. Kaurwaki says hurting someone else is the last thing I can do. They both stare at each other with hate and leave.

Chanakya tells his assistant that winds are changing and the future is going to change too.

Ashok’s friend tells him that we can’t Sushim lose and be insulted, he has to win so I am going to tell him about their plan. Ashok stops him and says Sushim doesn’t have the brain to understand that, we are going to handle it.

Devika scolds her servants but Kaurwaki comes there so she stops, Kaurwaki helps her. Devika says I will find a prince for you after I get married to your brother. I want you to find a person who thinks from heart and is very brave.

Ashok thinks if he should save Magadh’s honor or let Sushim’s ego break tomorrow?

Precap: Arrows come and hit Devika’s jewellery. Kaurwaki says who this could be. The Dasis say this has to be Prachand Ashok.